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Ever since July 21, 2004, saints around the world have been visiting Mount Zion�䏭 Main History Museum and the restored Grand Church Premises. Through their visits, the saints�� understanding and faith towards God�䏭 will in choosing Zion have deepened. This is especially so for saints who had returned or were born after the New Testament Church (NTC) returned to Zion in victory. Gentile friends who visited also have a more thorough and accurate recognition about the NTC�䏭 plight in holding fast to justice and defiance against tyranny. Their responses have been very positive. The LORD God�䏭 faithfulness and might, and Christ Jesus�� salvation and righteousness are greatly praised. This shows that the establishment of the history museum is from the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The space in the museum is limited and there is much to showcase. Especially since the NTC is ever growing. Throughout the years, we have accumulated numerous keepsakes as evidence of God�䏭 wondrous works. The museum is not big enough to display everything. Thus, the Holy Spirit moved the prophet turn the first floor of the Victory Hall into Mount Zion�䏭 Main History Museum in February of 2005. The original museum became the Second Museum, the gospel vehicle exhibit on the left became the Third Museum, and the Watchtower Exhibit that�䏭 being built in the future will become the Fourth Museum. We hope that upon seeing the historical artifacts and keepsakes, visitors will recognize that the God of the NTC is the one and only true God who is, who was, and who is to come. That Jesus Christ is the one and only true Lord whose kingdom rules over all and His right hand has done valiantly. That His truth endures to all generations and His mercy is everlasting. Upon realizing this, may visitors abandon the concept of atheism, forsake idols and false God, turn to the true God and Savior, return to the NTC, and become a holy child of God to enter God�䏭 kingdom.

At the Victory Hall�䏭 main entrance, there are display cases that hold a variety of historical artifacts. In the main hall, there are billboards depicting the NTC�䏭 bloody encounter with tyranny. In the auditorium, there is a huge TV screen that plays videos about the God�䏭 glorious works in the NTC, Mount Zion, and Zion�䏭 offshoots.

The Main Museum also includes an east and west wing. In the east wing there is information about blood, water, and Holy Spirit, the full gospel of Jesus Christ; Apostleship; building the church; and other messages about the truth. There is also an introduction on the ministry of the Lord�䏭 maidservant Sister Kong and the ministry of the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong and his prophecies. The west wing introduces the offshoots of Zion around the world. This testifies that Zion�䏭 branches have spread and fill the whole world. There is also a display with lots of literature and captivating pictures about the vision of Eden, Eden Homestead, and Eden enterprise brought about by the Eden man of God.

In both the Main Museum and the Second Museum are gospel team members there to provide service and information to visitors. Within the museums, we also provide many booklets and tracts on the gospel that are free for you to take. Please read them with respect and sincerity to gain grace and blessings.


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