Chronology of Sis. Kong
Year Age Location Summary
1923 1 Canton Born in the autumn.
1930 7 Shanghai Mother brought her to a chapel where she received a baptism by sprinkling of water.
1957 34 Hong Kong
  • Born again, repented, illness was healed.
  • Diligently read the Bible, prayed, preached the gospel, and joined a Bible class to study the truth.
1959 36 Hong Kong
  • In March she inherited a property at 7, Soares Avenue, 5th Floor. In May, she moved in and began cottage services every Thursday. When she was free she preached at hospitals and on the streets.
  • On September 21, she left her movie career after acting a scene in which she jumped into the sea. She discarded her earthly reliance with the determination to serve the Lord wholeheartedly.
1960 37 Hong Kong God opened the gospel door for her in Hong Kong and Kowloon. And sent her out to conduct revival meetings in various denominations.
1961 38 Kowloon On July 10, God poured out His Spirit upon her so that she received the Spirit baptism and understand the truth concerning it.
New Territory In mid-July, she saw a white cross shinning on her wall three times and heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Dear daughter, are you willing to carry the cross, stand in the gap, and preach My most holy Word?"
Sea of Kowloon On July 21, received water baptism by immersion after understanding that sprinkling of water was unbiblical. That day God gave her the Bible verse Jer. 33:3.
1963 40 Hong Kong There were triple April 18s in the intercalary month of April. God revealed Sister Kong as the great Prophet of All Nations whom He raised up in the East. Her ministry is to carry out an honorable, but difficult spiritual revolution. And to bring about the rebuilding of the glorious New Testament Church by the Holy Spirit.
  • First April 18 (solar), God sent old Pastor T from the West to Hong Kong. He had seen Sister Kong in a vision and before the meeting, he announced, "Sister Kong and her Crusade will be anointed and sent to do the Lord's special sacred work, not only will this shake China and the East, but also the whole world..." Through this incident, God formally revealed the ministry of Sister Kong and the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade (GJCC) to the public.
  • Second April 18 (lunar), which was May 11 of the solar calendar, the day after A Living Testimony to the Truth was published, Sister Kong began preaching the full truth (blood, water, and Holy Spirit) in Hong Kong and Kowloon.
  • Third April 18 (intercalary), which was June 9 of the solar calendar, Sister Kong and the GJCC were commissioned to Singapore and Malaysia to carry out the evangelical work for half a year. In the midst of ferocious battles, the Holy Spirit established various New Testament churches in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Sitiawan, Parit Buntar, Kluang, Yong Peng, and Johor Bahru. In Johor Bahru, God made a covenant with Sister Kong through the celestial phenomenon of a rainbow encircling the sun.
  • On July 21, the Church of Hong Kong was established.
  • On November 18, amidst a decisive battle in Kluang, Sister Kong received from God the Inspiration of 7.21�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church(see Haggai chapter 2). Previously, Sister Kong was moved to write 7.21 as a symbol on the gospel pamphlets, now this mystery was unraveled. This confirms that the epochal mission of the Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church is truly the special sacred work that God entrusted to Sister Kong in the last days.
  • On December 14, Sister Kong returned to Hong Kong after accomplishing God's work in Singapore and Malaysia.
1964 41 Hong Kong
  • In January, the signboard of the Church of Hong Kong was erected as a testimony to all.
  • On July 14, Sister Kong returned to 7 Soares Avenue, 5th Floor from the land of captivity, Agape Street. (Note: in 1963, when Sister Kong was commissioned to Singapore and Malaysia to preach the gospel, the false coworkers arbitrarily moved the center of ministration from Soares Avenue to Agape Street. After Sister Kong returned to Hong Kong, she fought the spiritual battle for seven months before finally returning to Soares Avenue in victory.)
  • In October, the Holy Spirit revealed: In 1966, the flow of revival will outflow from the New Testament Church built by God in the East.
  • On November 3 and 5, God moved Sister Kong to prophesy twice through letters: There will be a wonderful revival coming upon the whole earth in 1966. The 7.21 Inspiration�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church will be speedily fulfilled. The territories of the New Testament Church will be expanded.
1965 42 Hong Kong
  • On July 14, the Church of Hong Kong inherited the neighboring house (5 Soares Avenue, 5th Floor), testifying that God gave a double portion of inheritance.
  • On July 21, the partition wall between the two apartments was torn down. This signifies that the wall between the denominations is demolished and God's children can come to the unity of faith.
  • During the coworkers' meeting on lunar July 21 (solar August 15), Sister Kong proclaimed through the speaking and interpretation of tongues that the churches in Borneo and Taiwan would be established and their signboards erected.
  • Two months later on lunar 9.24 (solar October 18), her words came true. More than 10 churches in Borneo and Taiwan were established.
  • On December 7, Sister Kong's tongue cancer worsened and she could no longer speak. Despite this, she still flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan. The moment she alighted from the plane, she knelt down on the ground of Taiwan and prayed. Her blood dripped on the land.
  • From December 7 - 14, Sister Kong stayed in Taiwan. Within these seven days, God accomplished very wonderful and glorious works through her.
    • Fortified the churches in Taiwan.
    • Ordained workers, elders, and deacons in all the churches.
    • Found the entrusted vessel, Elijah Hong.
1966 43 Hong Kong
  • From January 1 onwards, the spiritual flame of revival was ignited in Tainan and burned brighter and brighter.
  • On January 15, Sister Kong finished writing Entering God's Kingdom and many letters in her sickbed amidst severe pain caused by the final stage of tongue cancer.
  • On January 19, Sister Kong's blood vessel burst and she almost lost her life. On February 7, in extreme pain and weakness, she managed to complete the last three chapters (chapters 18 - 20) of Acts of the Holy Spirit.
  • On August 17, 1 p.m., Sister Kong returned to the heavenly home in glory. During her seven years of serving, she wrote many books that include: A Living Testimony to the Truth, Acts of the Holy Spirit Vol. 1 & 2, Book of Esther, Entering God's Kingdom, Behold! The Glorious Works of God, Wearing Veil and Prophesying, For the Defense of the Truth, etc. She experienced manifold battles, afflictions, and trials. In adverse circumstances, the complete truth of blood, water, and Holy Spirit and the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church was preached. She accomplished the great and honorable work that God entrusted her.