In the beginning, mankind lived in the Garden of Eden created by God. They lived in accordance with God's law, and everything was natural and good. But later, they fell from grace and forsook God, and were ultimately cast out of Eden. Once out, they began to develop atheistic culture, politics and military. As a result, the earth was plagued with violence, bloodshed and unrest. The development of finance and economy turned men into slaves of avarice. Science and technology, supposedly serving the welfare of all humanity, became the source of our most serious environmental problems, which will eventually bring the earth to destruction. Today, mankind seems to have become aware of these problems and is heading back to nature. But how do we to return to nature? As a matter of fact, nature's standard yardstick is God's law of creation. Therefore, before one can return to nature and, in turn, to the Garden of Eden, one must first return to God's rule.

Mount Zion's lifestyle is one that is under God's rule and in accordance with His law of creation. Neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used on the vegetables. Poultry and livestock are not injected with antibiotics nor given feeds that contain hormones. No artificial additives, including preservatives and colors, are added to the processed agricultural products. With that, the people of Zion are able to return to nature and to the wonderful realms of Eden.

Dear friends, as you enjoy the many toxin-free products of Mount Zion, we sincerely hope that you may come in touch with the love and abundance of the Lord Creator. Come back to God's rule so that you may also return to Eden.

The products of Mount Zion are genuine, pure and safe. You should feel safe using them or taking them orally. Currently, we have three main lines of products, namely, camellia, plum and aloe vera. Others include reishi, crane reishi, herbal wine, passion fruit juice, mulberry juice, pine leaf powder, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. They are toxin-free and, when taken over a period of time, can restore one's energy, providing both health and beauty.