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Bus 127

Bus 127 is the first bus that the New Testament Church (NTC) inherited. Its name 127 came from the biblical Book of Esther, which means to travel throughout the world to proclaim God�䏭 will to all people.

Ever since it was manufactured in 1980, Gospel Bus 127 has accompanied the NTC to preach in all parts of Taiwan, bringing the gospel of God�䏭 kingdom to the Taiwanese people. On July 2, 1987, the NTC headed for the convention center hosting the Lions Clubs International to preach the gospel to the global participants. Unexpectedly, halfway there, Bus 127 was blocked by a big group of Kuomintang (KMT) policemen both in uniform and plainclothes. Under the orders of the Taoyuan County Commissioner Fan Zuoyin, the police swarmed over ready for a tense confrontation. The police held spike strips in their hands and chased after Bus 127. It was in this way that they deployed the spike strips and punctured the tires of Bus 127 in broad daylight on the public road.

After the tires were punctured, the bus could no longer move. Yet, the KMT police wouldn�脌 leave the matter at that. The KMT police in uniform and plainclothes used their batons to smash the windowpane of the bus. Their violent mentality was written all over their faces. Bus 127, which holds great historical significance in the NTC, suffered severe damages during this battle. At the end of 1988, this bus accomplished its mission and retired.

Although Bus 127 has long been scarred and can no longer be used, it is an important symbol in the NTC�䏭 history. Now it is on display at the Gospel Vehicle Museum on Mount Zion and has become irrefutable evidence of the KMT�䏭 persecution upon the NTC.