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Red Horse Jeep

After returning to Zion in victory, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong immediately led the people of Zion to open up the highway of Zion. At the same time, God prepared three jeeps for Mount Zion. The people of Zion spray-painted these jeeps red, white, and sorrel, after the red, white, and sorrel horses in the Book of Zechariah. In times of celebration, these jeeps are the leading vehicles that carry the three apostles during the processions.

On January 8, 1987 due to the motivation of God�䏭 spirit the prophet hoped to drive the �晉ed Horse�� jeep up to the peak of Zion to testify that the ministry of the New Testament Church (NTC) has reached the pinnacle. This was an impossible undertaking at the time because the way to the peak was covered with grass that was taller than a man. You couldn�脌 see anything ahead of you and there was no path. However the companions of the Lamb didn't look at the difficulties and took up the challenge. By faith they followed the prophet and set off from the back of the mountain on the Red Horse Jeep to conquer the peak.

With the help of the warriors, the Red Horse Jeep went through thicket after thicket of blade like grass. Sometimes the jeep would lurch down the valley and sometimes it had to clamber up the slope, but prophet and the warriors never lost momentum during their arduous journey. They tore through the sea of grass as if it wasn�脌 there at all. Despite the perils, God fulfilled the prophet�䏭 wish. Under impossible circumstance, this jeep overcame all obstacles to accomplish its mission of reaching the peak. Since then, the spiritual significance of the Red Horse Jeep conquering the summit began to be realized in the NTC.