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Triumph Minibus

In the beginning of 1986, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong was moved by the Holy Spirit in Taipei to proclaim: It is only right and proper to go home, we don�脌 need the Kuomintang�䏭 (KMT) permission. Thus, the prophet led the saints to trek back to Mount Zion through the back of the mountain. Unexpectedly, the KMT had been tipped and were waiting in ambush on Zion to block the people of Zion from returning home.

On May 10th they especially dispatched over 400 specially trained policemen to carry out violent atrocities and spill blood on Zion.

The police used their batons to assault and beat our unarmed brothers and sisters. Moreover, this group of cold-blooded policemen beat up the Lord�䏭 servants Brother Hong and Brother Pi. They repeatedly struck the backside of Brother Pi�䏭 knees with a long stick to make him kneel to them. He was severely beaten until the backs of his knees were black and blue. However, he opted to fall backwards rather then let his knees touch the ground. He refused to kneel or bow to them. The police of the KMT also kicked the Lord�䏭 servant Brother Hong�䏭 chest and back with their heavy iron boots. They struck him to the verge of death. Yet, the Lord�䏭 servant remained unyielding, as he would rather lose his life than to give up the vision of Zion.

Not only did the KMT and the Chiang Dynasty spill the blood of the saints, they also shed the blood of the prophets. Upon seeing their brutality God�䏭 wrath and tolerance reached its limit! On September 3, 1986 the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong led the New Testament Church (NTC) to proclaim in front of the garrison headquarters: The evil Chiang Dynasty will be destroyed by heaven! The Chiang Dynasty is finished! This is an unprecedented feat for the victims in the first time during the 40 years of martial law in Taiwan under the KMount Seventeen days after assuming the ministry in front of the garrison headquarters, on October 1, 1986, the NTC finally triumphed over tyranny and returned to Zion in triumph. This grand victory was brought about because the Prophet of All Nations led the NTC not to compromise, surrender, or yield to despotism.

On October 1, 1986 the first group of people returned to Zion in victory. They boarded an orange and white minibus and gloriously drove through the blockade in Hsiaolin, singing �𦒈o On the Homebound way�� joyously all the way to Zion. Following that, on October 25th, all the saints of the churches of Taiwan toted their bags and sleeping bags and went up to Zion in sweet victory.

As the procession reached the fishpond, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong wept with joy because after seven long years of battling, God�䏭 promise was finally fulfilled. God has brought back the captivity of Jacob�䏭 tents! The God of Zion is truly the faithful almighty One. His word is settled in heaven and his faithfulness endures to all generations.

Now the minibus that carried the first group of people back to Zion in triumph is sitting in the museum. It is a testament to the grand victory of the NTC after seven long years of battles.