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Realm of Eden - All Things RedeemedEden Realm, Where All Things Are RedeemedRealm of Eden - All Things RedeemedEden Realm, Where All Things Are Redeemed




The Eden Way of Raising Chickens

The mission of the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong doesn�脌 only include bringing men back to Eden to enjoy freedom, but also redeeming all creations so that they may live according to God�䏭 law. Therefore, the chicken coop on Mount Zion had an extensive modification. The broiler and layer chickens were set free from their cages. They returned to nature and live according to God�䏭 law. Flocks of shiny-feathered chickens can be seen foraging on the hilltop and run freely under the camellia trees. They peck on bugs, seeds and weeds. They help us do the weeding work and their manure fertilizes or provides nutrients to the camellia trees. What a good deal! The chickens on Mount Zion can also be called fertilizer chickens or grass cutter chickens. These chickens grow in an excellent natural environment and produce high quality meat and eggs.

The hens lay their eggs in the forest, making egg collecting an arduous task. Thus, we gave them God-based education and taught them to lay eggs in their boxes. How amazing! These layers can be well trained. Every morning at seven o�緽lock you will see a spectacular scene. The chickens line up in front of their boxes to lay eggs. Everyone that witnesses this will be amazed. This is the wonderful effect of going back to nature, back to Eden, and back to God�䏭 rule!

High Quality Earthworm Casting

Earthworm casting is considered the best organic fertilizer. It�䏭 odorless and it helps plants to produce a larger root mass. At the same time, it helps to prevent disease and pests while promoting the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These nutrient rich castings have a time released process that provides both short and long-term benefits that increase crop yields. When you visit the earthworm farm on Mount Zion, you will discover lots of worms beneath the soil. The rabbit coop is right above the earthworm beds so that the worms can feast on the rabbit droppings. The worms�� excretion is the castings that the plants love most. The plants in turn become the food of humans and rabbits. This is a sustainable food chain, the wonder of nature and God�䏭 creation.