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Objective of God-based EducationObjective of God-based Education

Purpose1 Purpose2 Purpose3
  • To educate man to know God, fear God, and glorify God. Such God-based education far exceeds earthly civic education and moral education.
  • To educate man to have a vision and goal in life, which is to glorify God and benefit men. This exceeds the education on morals and character.
  • To educate man to be free and happy Edenites, who learn in the realm of Eden. Through coming back to God's first creation, man unites with nature and acquires a healthy body, soul, and spirit. Man attains true harmony with nature, the unity of heaven and mankind.
  • To educate man to have practical skills and knowledge. Through practical (hands-on) training in everyday life and work, each person learns and acquires skills according to his talents and develops his potential, so to testify to God's wisdom.