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Man's Education Corrupted Man's Education Corrupted

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The purpose of education is to deliver the truth, knowledge, and skill, and to cultivate a sound character and personality. In these aspects, Taiwan's education has been a complete failure for the past five decades. Moreover, it has brought about endless troubles. Taiwan is adhering to an old examination system that encourages academic elitism, constant cramming, vicious competition, and high test scores. This rigid forced-feeding education has become the mainstream. From young, students suffer from an overwhelming amount of drilling. This degenerate education is producing robots by robbing students of their ability to think independently and their enthusiasm to pursue the truth. From kindergarten to college, they endure a joyless childhood that is void of laughter. They don�脌 live like humans. Consequently, suicide is on the rise. These circumstances create emotionally stunned children that lack the capacity to appreciate or respect their teachers and classmates. Schools are no longer happy learning centers, but breeding grounds of sin and a living hell where man�䏭 body and soul are harmed. Gambling, theft, robbery, blackmail, troublemaking, porn, sexual harassment, fights, murder, drug addiction, and the like, fill the campus. Individually and collectively, students and teachers alike, are coming up with new ways to commit crimes. The offenders are getting younger and the offenses more serious. Now that degenerate souls are everywhere, schools have become a dangerous place for children. Their golden years are spent in deep misery. What a tragedy!

Furthermore, the ruling authorities compiled enslavement textbooks that don�脌 agree with facts. They make up lies to brainwash the people and to produce obedient civilians. For example, the Communist Party has ruled mainland China for over 40 years and Outer Mongolia has been independent for many years. But the textbooks in Taiwan�䏭 schools still claim that mainland China and Outer Mongolia are territories under the Republic of China (ROC). The ROC has also lost its dominion over Tibet long ago. However, when Dali Lama visited Taiwan, the Interior Minister said that he is a ROC citizen. The February 28 Incident happened over 50 years ago, but the truth is still being concealed today. Historical records change with their policies. Fifty years ago, Taiwan shouted anti-communist and anti-Russia slogans. Now they no longer oppose the communists or Russia. In the past, they would not co-exist with the communists, but now they call for peace and unity. They even have a slogan for respecting the two different political entities of Taiwan and China. Taiwan�䏭 education is the tool of the rulers to brainwash the people.

Many of the teaching materials are impractical. Students are unable to make a living based on what they learn in school. This is a crisis commonly known by the society, and grieved over by the parents. The majority of the people cannot do anything but suffer. Affordable parents, endure the pain of separation and send their young children overseas for education. Such family separations cause countless young student problems and social problems. Those who can�脌 afford will helplessly watch their children being ruined and poisoned in the country. Who can save our next generation?

What the New Testament Church (NTC) cannot accept is an educational curriculum that opposes the Truth. An example is Darwin's theory of evolution that denies God�䏭 power of creation. God created man in His own glorious image, but man believes that he evolved from an ape. They also promote idols such as Matsu, Guan Gong, etc. as gods. Children are taught and tested on these fallacies. They even encourage Buddhism and meditation. Young monks and nuns can be seen on campuses. The NTC worships the one and only true God, but the schools require students to salute the national flag, Sun Yat-sen, and Chiang Kai-shek. When the children of the NTC refuse to do so, they are discriminated. The curriculum and policies of Taiwan�䏭 education oppose our faith and lead our children to falsehood. We cannot tolerate this fallacious education that the devil uses to kill souls.