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Learning Practical Skills and KnowledgeLearning Practical Skills and Knowledge


Language is the bridge of communication among men. In order to follow Grandpa to preach the gospel to all nations, Eden Homestead strives to learn various languages. We hope to form a gospel crusade to lead all nations back to enjoy God's appointed blessings! We take trips to exchange with Eden Homestead children in other countries in order to learn their local language. This is a happy and effective way of learning.

Various Skills

We learn from our work. On the weekends, we sell some of our own farm products and receive visitors at the Universal Home's refreshment stand. We also divide into groups in the afternoon so that the children may participate in all the servings on Zion and share the chores. The uncles and aunties leading the work all say that the children have grown up; they can take over as our successors!