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The Bible is our Textbook

In Eden Homestead, the Bible is our main textbook. We learn life lessons, according to God's words and His standards. The Bible says, 'The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."True wisdom begins from the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God and obeying God are the fundamental principles of education. Biblical truth is the primary focus, while knowledge and skills are secondary. God-based education will nurture Edenites who have a sound character, who fear God, love man, and have true skills and knowledge.

Writing Daily Battle Reports

Children of Eden Homestead write battle reports everyday to deal with the hidden sins of human nature. After repeated corrections, a noble spirit is nurtured within them. Bible memorization and writing battle reports are the most basic homework in Eden Homestead. When the Teacher's Academy came to visit, they were shocked that our children did not hide their flaws. This is different from what is taught in school. In the human kingdoms if no one finds out about your mistake, no one will ever know about it. However, in God-based education, everyone faces the Lord, so no one is afraid of exposing his or her faults. They only fear that they cannot learn their lessons thoroughly enough and that they will meet the Lord in shame.

Start with Humility

Students in the human kingdoms are not qualified for a high post, yet are too proud to take a low one. Eden Homestead completely crushes the concept of what jobs are considered to be noble or lowly. Everything that is done for God is considered sacred. Everyone learns in humility and starts from the bottom, going step by step to become a complete vessel. Work can be an enjoyment. Working at a computer and sweeping the floor are both honorable. Everyone is God's beautiful child of light.

Praise Is the Highest Ministry

God's children praise with joy, for the Bible says praising is the highest ministry. When they work, they hum hymns and dance with joy. They praise God for His wonderful creation as they watch the changes of the natural world all around. They praise Him anytime and anywhere. Praising is part of our life. The smiles shown during praising dispels all worries and troubles. The intern instructors from the Teachers Academy came to observe us and they were attracted and joined in our joyful dancing. At the end of 1999, the children attended the New Year's Eve celebration in Australia to bring in the new millennium. Their praising shook up the event! This life of praising has been preached to the Gentiles and believed on by men!