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Garden of Eden Reappears on Zion Eden Garden Reappears On ZionGarden of Eden Reappears on Zion Eden Garden Reappears On Zion





Mount Zion is the house of God and the house of all nations. It is where Jesus Christ reigns as King and the Holy Spirit rules. Therefore, we don�脌 need the police, army, laws, or courts. The children of God are controlled by the Holy Spirit and self-disciplined before the Lord. There is no discrimination of race, nationality, gender, age, or class. Everyone lives in harmony. We are one big family of love in Christ.

This family of love has been especially evident after Eden Homestead appeared in 1997. The children left the schools of man�䏭 kingdoms to receive a God-based education and live a God-based life in God�䏭 house. The adults accompany the children to grow. (Refer to Acts chapter 2 of the Bible.) With each passing day, the realm of unity appears more abundantly on Zion. All the saints devote themselves to the teachings of the apostles. They serve and worship in God�䏭 house in one accord. Living and working with happiness and sincerity of heart. They strive to learn life lessons by putting the spirit in the first position. They also strive to return to God�䏭 rule and go back to nature in all the works that God has entrusted them, whether it is agriculture or enterprise. According to the law of God�䏭 creation, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong leads everyone on the mountain to embark on toxin-free agriculture, husbandry, and enterprise. In this way, the ecology is balanced and the original creation is restored. The Garden of Eden reappears among men!

Thus, Mount Zion is the miniature of Christ�䏭 universal kingdom of peace. This place is filled with the heavenly breath of life. It is the manifestation of the garden of Eden that everyone longs for. Here, all friends can enjoy the commanded blessings God prepared for mankind. Behold, Christ is King! Peace on earth! The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ! This realm has appeared on holy Mount Zion!