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Pulpit area

The pulpit whereby God's words were preached, representing the Mouthpiece of the Throne

The door of the old Church premise

The remains of the door and the tablet of 'Church of Mt Zion'

The model of the old church premise

during the days of wandering , the people of Zion, old bro. Liu so pined for Zion that he made this model of remembrance.

The Church Premises�� Flooring

The remains of the premise floor.

Demolished windows

The relics of the Church premise after KMT's demolition.

Siao-Ling riverbed

Exhibiting the model of the lives of the people of Zion during days of wandering.

The Bible Placards

The remains of these tablets which were hung on the highway of Zion.

The Historic documents counter

Documentation, photos & press report of KMT's political persecution of the NTC.

Exhibition of Zion's antiques

The tools used by the people of Zion in the early days.

The kitchen of the old Church premise

Former kitchen and utensils.

The Retaining Wall

The Church of Mt Zion was built on a slope, hence the stone wall acted as a barrier against erosion.

Timber from the Rubble

The wooden ruins after the Church premise was torn down.

The Passion Fruit Sink

The wash stand for washing passion fruits in the past.

Time Tunnel

A glimpse of the life & worship of the people of Zion in the 70's.