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Sawn Electric Poles

The electricity poles on Mount Zion were erected in May 1974.

Zion�䏭 residential area is approximately 800 meters above sea level. In the 70s, Mount Zion�䏭 mountain trail was narrow, winding and steep. Hiking up the mountain empty-handed was exhausting enough�悧ow much more having to carry hefty 8-meter-long poles, each weighing 2 tons! Apart from the poles, there were other heavy devices to transport up the mountain. Even the power company was unable to help. Nevertheless, God gave wisdom to the people of Zion. Four of them would work together and pull up the poles one at a time, using a relay of pulleys. The people of Zion lugged up various equipment on their shoulders, both individually and as a team. Although they encountered countless difficulties, after one month�䏭 time, all the time, money and effort they put in paid off. All the electricity poles were finally erected and since then, Mount Zion shine forth brightly, during the day and throughout night. However, not long later, the evil Kuomintang (KMT) came and vandalized Zion. Within a few hours, they sawed down and fell all the electricity poles, leaving Mount Zion in a state of ruins. This is just one of the many iron-clad evidences of KMT�䏭 persecution on Mount Zion.