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Ironclad Evidence

  • 1. Mountain Clearance Task Force: Due to groundless �𦨴afety concerns�� Kuomintang (KMT) set up a mountain clearance task force with the intent to clear out holy Mount Zion. They immediately dispatched a small team to plunder Zion and disperse the people of Zion in 1980. Thereafter, they mobilized the National Party, the government, the military, the police, the special forces, the judiciary branch, and the media to aid them in carrying out their policy of persecuting the New Testament Church (NTC). Their sinister methods and cruel actions were too numerous to mention.
  • 2. Operation 1206: On December 7, 1985 the KMT�䏭 preplanned �𥟡peration 1206�� was set into action. They illegally barred the Nanyang pilgrims from entering the country and deployed thousands of armed police to the airport to beat up almost 100 Christians, both from inland and overseas. The Nanyang pilgrims were deported to Hong Kong without compensation and nine saints from Taiwan were sentenced to prison. Five more saints were taken to the hospital but left untreated ensuing a three-year battle at Taipei�䏭 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
  • 3. Greenfield Ad Hoc: Unafraid of KMT�䏭 great persecution, the NTC often took to the streets to champion justice and announce the KMT�䏭 atrocious crimes in Taiwan and around the world. Due to international pressure they renamed the �𢜛ountain Clearance Task Force�� the �𦒈reenfield Ad Hoc�� in 1986. Outwardly, they posed to be solving Mount Zion�䏭 problems, but they were actually temporarily retreating in hopes to make greater advancements. It was all a big lie. In the end, they reluctantly agreed to let the people of Zion return to Zion. To them, compensation was negotiable, admitting that they made a mistake was non-negotiable, and apologizing was out of the question. Since the �𦒈reenfield Ad Hoc�� has been disbanded, issues concerning Mount Zion�䏭 land and household registration and that fact that we were unjustly treated and mishandled remain unresolved.

4. Fighting the Battle: The NTC preached the gospel of �𣔙anquishing tyrants and rescuing mankind�� on the streets. In order to cover up their crimes in Taiwan, the KMT obstructed our preaching trips, confiscated our gospel flyers, and even came fully armed to surround our churches. In other parts of the world, they threatened activists and assaulted our saints. This was especially evident in Singapore. The conspired with the Lee Kuan Yew regime to harm the saints in Southeast Asia. Consequently, dozens of saints were badly injured and imprisoned.

There is irrefutable evidence that the KMT planned and organized policies to persecute the Christians of the NTC. Because they refuse to repent of their atrocities, God�䏭 judgment came upon them and this regime eventually collapsed. The NTC was greatly victorious and returned to Zion in triumph! These victorious saints held fast to the truth and their indomitable spirit is known all over the world!