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Conclusive Evidence

The Kuomintang (KMT) authorities conspired to seize Mount Zion and drive out her people. In 1967, the three families of Tan and Liu moved to live on Mount Zion. The following year, the Household Administrative Office of Chiahsien Township examined and approved of their residence at No. 89, Bei-ping Siang, 17th Lin, Hsiaolin Village, Chiahsien Township, and even issued them a household identification book. In order to carry out their scheme, the authorities secretly re-zoned Mount Zion to Sanmin Township but left the domicile address unchanged, rendering it �𦨭ull and void.�� Later, using this as an allegation, they ousted the three families from the mountain. In the name of neighborhood resident assembly and military service, they forced the males down the mountain and prohibited them from returning. The families�� appeals were repeatedly turned down, and they finally filed an administrative lawsuit against the authorities. They won. The Administrative Court judged in their favor: No. 219, dated April 1, 1980. However, a month later on May 1, the police went up and forced all the women and children of the three families down the mountain, leaving Mount Zion uninhabited. This left the Tans and Lius with no choice but to temporarily lodge at a deserted pigsty in Siseliao.

On December 13, 1980, a nationwide census was carried throughout Taiwan, requiring �𩃀veryone to his family and every family to their house.�� With the judgment in their favor from the Administrative Court, the people of Zion attempted to return to Zion, their home. But unexpectedly, they were barred at the Hsiaolin Police Checkpoint and had to move to a nearby riverbed. They pitched some tents and lived there in wandering, eagerly waiting to return to Zion. On August 31, 1982, the KMT authorities razed down the simple and crude tents, in an attempt to drive the people of Zion away from the riverbed. But the three families refused to leave on account of justice and righteousness and the authorities threw them into prison on the charge of encroaching the riverbed.

In March 1986, the Holy Spirit moved the prophet Elijah Hong to declare: �𦔒t is right and proper for anyone to go home, and he does not need KMT�䏭 approval at all.�� Thereafter, the prophet often led people of Zion and Christians of the New Testament Church to gaze at Zion from the back of the mountain. However, the KMT authorities sent an army of police to the mountain to assault the Christians until bloodshed. On May 10, over 400 trained police thugs made ruthlessly attack on the 200 unarmed Christians, singling out the people of Zion for a savage beating until each of them sustained severe injuries. That day, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong and Apostle Victor Pi were beaten half to death.

Time and again the KMT practiced brutality, thinking that their atrocious means would make the people of Zion give up the idea of returning home. Much to their astonishment, every blow the NTC suffered only made her braver than before. At the end, she defeated the evil party regime and returned to Mount Zion and rebuilt it.