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The Church Premises�� Flooring

In the past, the people of Zion sang & danced to praise God on this floor boards.

In the early days, all the houses on Mount Zion had dirt floors. Only the watchtower and the church premises had concrete floors.

Cementing work on the mountain was extremely difficult in the 70s because everything had to be done manually. All the building materials, the cement, and even the sand and gravel had to be carried up the mountain by hand. Moreover, each bag of cement weighed at least 100 lbs.! Before reaching the steep, narrow and winding trail, the brothers had to cross a rickety suspension bridge, which often wobbled and swayed from side to side as they walked. Their shirts, pants, socks, and shoes would be drenched with sweat while trekking up. Even the mountain trail was soaked with sweat. Some brothers were so heavily laden that they could only crawl uphill, one step at a time. The concrete floor of the church premises may not seem very impressive, but it was paved with the blood and sweat of the people of Zion.

Twenty years ago, the church premises was violently torn apart. Since then, the concrete floor cracked in pieces and many pieces were missing. The remaining pieces are specially marked as a testimony of the strong love, which the people of Zion had towards Mount Zion.