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The Bible Placards

The Bible is the revelation of God. It contains the eternal plan of God and His end-time will. It empowers those who believe in Jesus Christ to have the knowledge of salvation and strength to go on. In the 1970s, the people of Zion often had to climb up and down the mountain to transport goods. The Lord�䏭 servant Brother Hong hoped to encourage these saints through God�䏭 words so that they would rely on God for strength to climb up to Zion to meet God. He asked the companions to write Bible verses on dozens of placards and pinned them on the trees along the road from the foothill of the mountain all the way to the Tent of Shem at El Zion.

After Mount Zion was plundered, some representatives went up Zion to investigate and requested three of the people of Zion to lead the way. Upon reaching Zion, the brothers were surprised to find the Bible placards strewn on the ground. The Kuomintang (KMT) had sabotaged the placards and some were even burned. Touched by the beautiful promises of God that these placards carried, the brothers brought these treasures back with them.

In 1986, the New Testament Church (NTC) returned to Zion in victory. The words that had been inscribed on these placards have all been fulfilled! Now the remaining placards have been reconditioned and framed. The mottled words and peeled paint were carefully restored. Today they are a witness of the faithfulness and power of God�䏭 words.