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The Construction Process

In March of 1983, three brothers went up to inspect Zion and brought some placards with Bible verses on them back to the Church of Taipei. It seemed as if God was fortifying our faith through His words. Since then, the Lord�䏭 servant Brother Elijah Hong had a wish to build a museum on Mount Zion one day to testify for God�䏭 faithfulness.

At the beginning of 2003, the coworkers began making preparations for the construction of the Second History Museum on Zion. They collected the farming tools, daily gadgets, and worship apparatus used by the people of Zion. These would exhibit the simple lifestyle of Zion. They also sorted through what was left of the church�䏭 signboard, doors, beams, etc. These would expose the atrocities of the Kuomintang�䏭 (KMT) persecution on the holy mountain. The second museum is built over the ruins of the Grand Church Premises. The saw markings on the ceiling and walls replicate the past traces of destruction. During the construction, the companions put in much effort to preserve the original stonewalls and floors of the old church premises. They labored to faithfully restore history in its truth. Upon visiting this museum, may God�䏭 children never forget the atrocious persecution of men�䏭 kingdoms and all nations see the glorious victory of Zion.