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Gospel Tracts Gospel FlyersGospel Tracts Gospel Flyers

# Title Synopsis
01 Gospel of God's Kingdom Jesus Chris is the King of kings. God in heaven will crush man�䏭 kingdoms. Kingdoms of this world shall become the LORD�䏭 kingdom.
02 The One and Only True God This is Enternal Life: Know the One and Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom God has sent
03 Idols Are False Gods Only the LORD Jehovah is God; there is no other besides Him. Anyone who tries to replace the LORD with other gods will experience endless tribulations.
04 The Great Tribulation Is Near The great day of God�䏭 wrath has come. The great tribulation has begun. Repent and believe in Jesus!
05 The Prophet in the East, Holy Mountain in Taiwan The prophet God chose is in the east and the holy mount is in Taiwan.
06 Baptism of Blood, Water and Spirit There are three that bear witness: the Spirit, the water, and the blood. Receive the blood, water, and Holy Spirit as the complete testimony!!
07 Glorious Christ Is Coming Soon Before the start of the great tribulation, the Lord Jesus will receive His bride in the air. We ought to stay watchful and be ready to become overcomers before the great tribulation.
08 Be Prepared to Meet Your God The end is near! The Lord of judgment (Jesus) is coming soon. Be prepared to meet your God!
09 All Peoples Return Home A home God has prepared for the exile �� the glorious New Testament Church and beauteous holy Mount Zion.
10 Realize God's Kingdom Complexities of nations and race are woes and chaos of mankind and society! God in heaven will set up another kingdom to crush and destroy all kingdoms of man.