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Pamphlets about the Truth Truth PamphletsPamphlets about the Truth Truth Pamphlets

# Title Synopsis
01 Witness of Blood Q & A concerning the wonderful salvation of the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
02 The Truth on Spirit Baptism Answers about the spiritual grace and truth the Lord�䏭 maidservant Sister Kong Duen Yee, apostles, and prophets received from God.
03 The Truth on Water Baptism It is written in the Bible, �𣿯e who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.�� This was the command of the Lord Jesus, as well as the realistic path to the laws of salvation appointed by God and redemption.
04 Answers to the Gospel and the Truth Q & A concerning the relations between God, angels, devil, man and the redemption of Christ.
05 Gospel of the Heavenly Kingdom Apostle Victor Pi wrote this pamphlet about how to enter God�䏭 kingdom, the difference between seeing and entering the kingdom of God; as well as God�䏭 eternal plan and His ultimate goal.
06 Unitary Leadership and Collective Leading Justifying the way God works, to be under the �崬nitary leadership�� of the vessel of the era ordained by God. It is not the same as �𦣇ollective leadings�� of the different political leaders in the world.
07 How to be A Genuine Christian To be a genuine Christian is not only to receive the full truth of blood, water and Holy Spirit, but to also love God and man, continuously read the Bible, keep the truth, pray with a watchful spirit and bring people back to the Lord��. This booklet written by the Lord�䏭 maidservant Sister Kong Duen Yee, speaks about the morals a true Christian ought to have.
08 Holy Mount Zion Tour Guide Pictures of various spots on Mount Zion and the aerial view of the holy mountain. Introductions to Eden Homestead, poison-free enterprise, and Joseph�䏭 granary.