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# Title Synopsis

History of Zion — In Hardships and Trials the Pioneers Opened up the Mountain Terrain

In 1963, the prophet of all nations came up to Mount Zion. He ate very simple foods and slept on rocks; life was very difficult. Since 1967, the three families of Tan and Liu came up to develop the land. There were no roads in the early days, and all resources had to be carried. Life was simple, work was hard, but the people of Zion were filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.
Length: 17m09s

History of Zion — Residents Ousted, Homestead Vandalized

Kuomintang established �騦ountain-clearance�� policy, mobilized the party, the government, the military, and the special squad to plunder Zion. They secretly redrew boundaries and ousted the people of Zion.
Length: 16m08s

The Wandering Days at Hsiaolin Riverbed — General Briefing

The reason why the people of Zion wandered and the saints from overseas joined the people of Zion in their times of hardships at the riverbed. Together they held fast to truth and justice. In turn Kuomintang raided the people in the middle of the night and drove them away. Kuomintang also tore down the tents with excavators and wrongfully sentenced and imprisoned the people of Zion��
Length: 7m38s

Hsiaolin Riverbed — Days of Wandering

The beginning of the wandering days of the people of Zion at the riverbed. Overseas saints came to the riverbed to share in the afflictions of the people of Zion; together they held fast to truth and justice. In turn, Kuomintang raided them in the middle of the night, drove them away, destroyed the tents, and wrongfully sentenced the people of Zion imprisonment.
Length: 10m13s

Hsiaolin Riverbed — Joining David

Prophet of all nations lead the people of Zion to fearlessly face Kuomintang�䏭 persecution at Hsiaolin Riverbed. This greatly encouraged oversea saints, and many came to share in the weal and woe of the prophet and the people of Zion; together they went onwards to Zion.
Length: 7m24s

Hsiaolin Riverbed — Demolition of Tents

Kuomintang dispatched the police, prisoner transport vehicles and excavators to the riverbed. Within a few hours, Hsiaolin Riverbed was in ruins and desolation. In order to return to Zion, the people of Zion continued to wander and live in the ruins. Kuomintang came and destroyed the ruins in the riverbed once again. The people of Zion could only take shelter under the umbrellas; yet the police called it �崬mbrella homes�� and destroyed whatever was left the third time��.
Length: 10m52s

Hsiaolin Riverbed — Despising Kuomintang�䏭 Dark Prison

Kuomintang accused the three fathers of the Tan and Liu of occupying the riverbed illegally and wrongfully gave them a six-month sentence. Saints around the world rushed back to Taiwan to visit them in prisons. After, two more groups were imprisoned. The people of Zion took pride in being imprisoned for the sake of justice. Kuomintang who imprisoned innocent people unlawfully is truly a huge disgrace.
Length: 8m49s

Prophet and Holy Mountain — Prophecies Are Fulfilled

God through the prophet, has told the people of this generation what is about to come. Everyone will know when it is fulfilled. The LORD is the true God and the prophet He chose is a real prophet. �𦒈od will surely bring us back to Zion.�� �𦔒 am not a real prophet if Chiang Ching-kuo�䏭 dies like an ordinary person.��
Length: 16m15s

Prophet and Holy Mountain — House of God, Gate of Heaven

In the 1960s, Elijah Hong was brought up to Zion by God, to the land God promised to give him as an inheritance. In 1980 we were ousted, and the prophet held fast to the determination of returning to Zion with his life. After he returned to Zion, he imitated Jacob to return to the place where God has appeared to him. Here he built the altar and the house of God.
Length: 17m06s

New Testament Church — Gospel Vehicles

Gospel vehicles were used by the prophet of all nations throughout Taiwan, its purpose was to carry out justice, destroy tyrannies, and save mankind. On the outside of these vehicles, banners and speakers were installed to preach the gospel to the people. The police pursued 127 bus with caltrop and broke its windows��
Length: 10m23s

Full Gospel — Be Prepared to Meet Your God

Mankind sinned and developed technology, declared independence from God and wasted resources on earth. The day of Jesus Christ�䏭 wrath has come! Man is so minute and incapable against the power of mother nature. How can you escape the great tribulation? The only way to escape is in the New Testament Church��
Length: 13m56s