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Books Published by Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade GJCC PublicationsBooks Published by Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade GJCC Publications

# Title Synopsis
01 Never Disobey the Vision from Heaven In 1976, vessel of rejuvenation �� the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong�䏭 refutation and rebuttal to Chang�䏭 13-page letter of apostacy.
02 Imitate Your Father David The Lord�䏭 servant Victor Pi�䏭 book written in 1976. It mentions imitating David �� the importance of the spiritual leader. The differences between the altar and the high places �� the church and the denominations.
03 The Book of Ruth In the era of the Judges of the old testament, a Moabite woman Ruth followed Naomi back to Judah; foresight to gentiles and children in the denominations return to the New Testament Church in the last days. This is the discussion of Apostle Victor Pi in August of 1976.
04 Elijah�䏭 Mantle Volume I Elisha picked up Elijah�䏭 mantle and he received double portion of his spirit. Today�䏭 mantle is the full truth of blood, water, and Holy Spirit preached by the Lord�䏭 servant Sister Kong Duen Yee. This book is the discussions of the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong from 1976 through 1980, after he succeeded Sister Kong Duen Yee�䏭 ministry.
Elijah�䏭 Mantle Volume II
Elijah�䏭 Mantle Volume III
05 The Center of God�䏭 Testimony on Earth In the old testament, the tabernacle in the era of Moses, the temple during the era of David and Solomon, signifies God�䏭 legitimate testimony in the new testament era �� New Testament Church. New Testament Church is the center of God�䏭 testimony on earth today.
06 Witness of Tongue Utterance Tongue utterance testifies the Lord Jesus has resurrected and the promised Holy Spirit has descended. New Testament has taken effect and Christ is victorious. Mysteries from heaven will be expounded through tongue utterance. This book is Apostle Elijah Hong�䏭 discussions on the witness of tongue utterance.
07 The Watchmen of Jerusalem The Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong�䏭 discussion about the watchmen of Jerusalem�䏭 �鄄oly without blemish�� and assuming �𦭛he ministry of prayer of the New Testament Church.��
08 The Book of Ezra The Book of Ezra was the first scroll of history after God�䏭 people �� the Israelites were taken into exile. It was the beginning of the revival of God�䏭 people, as well as the record of the reestablishment of the temple. Nowadays it signifies the truth on returning to and rebuilding the New Testament Church.
09 The Book of Nehemiah In the old testament Nehemiah repaired the walls of Jerusalem, signifying the restoration of the testimony of unity of the church in the end-time. This book is a collection of the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong�䏭 discussions concerning Nehemiah �� the vessel of revival.
10 A Man and A Mountain Chosen by God In these last days, God has chosen a man �� the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong and the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade. God has also chosen a mountain �� holy Mount Zion. He will bring all nations back to this mountain through this man. Thus, His end-time most high will is done.
11 Apostleship The Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong revelations and discussions of the truth concerning the way God works, importance of apostles, the proof of apostleship and submitting unto the apostles.
12 Spirit Exercise and Self Riddance God is a spirit. How do we allow the Holy Spirit to work freely on a vessel? It requires the exercise of the spirit and the riddance of self. This book is the discussions of the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong concerning learning life lessons.
13 Bible Characters Volume I The discussions concerning Bible characters of the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong and co-workers of Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade. The positivity in this book is to set a good example of spiritual virtue for God�䏭 children; and the negativity side as a warning.
Bible Characters Volume II
Bible Characters Volume III
Bible Characters Volume IV
14 Breaking the Bread in Remembrance of the Lord Bread Breaking Service is the most important, abundant and glorious service of all. This book is a collection of discussions on the truth of bread breaking by the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong.
15 The Minister Who Defends the Gospel Volume I Messages about the letters of the defense of the truth. Volume I speak about defending for the truth and Volume II is Q & A on the truth.
The Minister Who Defends the Gospel Volume II
16 The Law of Life The collection of the discussions and family talk between the apostle and saints around the world. It is the gem of the apostle�䏭 abundant life.
17 The Good Shepherd The Lord�䏭 maidservant Sister Kong Duen Yee�䏭 letter to the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong, as well as letters about apostles shepherding the church and showing concern for the saints.
18 Defending the Truth
19 On Mount Carmel The Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong discussed about �嚹he Book of Nehemiah,�� Holy Spirit poured out and worked mightily for 2 翻 hours long. The glorious event of how God revealed Brother Elijah Hong as Sister Kong Duen Yee�䏭 successor �� the master builder.
20 Vessels Who Bring the Dawn of Salvation Records of the co-workers convention held in Mount Carmel, Southeast Asia in October of 1994. During the convention, Apostle Elijah Hong discussed about �𦭛he characteristics of an all-rounded vessel of revival.��
21 Building the Church Discussions of the Lord�䏭 maidservant Kong Duen Yee and the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong about the building the church on the foundations of apostles and prophets.
22 Spiritual Eden Longhouse In 1995, the Lord�䏭 servant Elijah Hong was moved to build the Eden Longhouse on Mount Moriah, East Malaysia. It was for the sake of displaying the abundant testimony of unity of the body of Christ �� the New Testament Church. This book includes the discussions of the Lord�䏭 servant on �嚹he Building of Life,�� when the foundation of the longhouse was laid. It also includes two units of the discussions of co-workers on �嚹he discussions in love.��