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Aaron�䏭 Budded Rod

The Lord's servants, Elijah Hong, Victor Pi holding the Golden Rod and King's Sword.

The shape of an Almond on the surface of the head of the Rod.

The rod is a symbol of power. It is recorded in the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament that when God sent Moses to Egypt to lead His people, the Israelites, out of the house of bondage, he carried the rod of God in his hand (Exod. 4:17). This meant that God was with Moses and that His power followed him. Therefore, he was able to perform great miracles in the land of Egypt. When the people of Israel were in the wilderness, they did not want to listen to Moses, the leader God gave them, instead they wanted to have their own way. God made everyone see Aaron�䏭 rod sprout and put forth buds, produce blossoms, and even yield ripe almonds (Num. 17:8) so that they would know that Moses and Aaron were sent by God and represented God. Therefore, no one should mock or go against their orders.

On May 10, 1979, God gave His servant, the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong, the revelation to dwell on Zion. At that time the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade (GJCC) was in Taipei. Everyone was busy with the sacred work as the gospel was spreading. Many young coworkers from other countries came and needed to be edified. At the time, it seemed inappropriate for the Lord�䏭 servant to be living in a remote mountain where communication was limited. Due to this, a big battle broke out. Satan stirred up some unscrupulous people who attempted to interfere with the Lord�䏭 servant�䏭 ministry and overthrow God�䏭 choice on Zion. Therefore on July 1st of the same year God spoke gracious words to His servant through the speaking of tongues, �𦔒 will give you the budded rod of Aaron to establish your faith.�� Following, on August 27th, old Brother Liu gave the Lord�䏭 servant a bundle of sticks to pick from to make a rod. After a stick was selected, Brother Liu sawed it so that it would be the right length for the Lord�䏭 servant. Amazingly, the cut revealed an almond-like image on the top of the rod, but the piece of wood that was to be discarded had nothing. Through this, God revealed without a doubt that He has sent the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong. He does everything according to God�䏭 command. Therefore, dwelling in Zion is the will of the Throne.

Despite the fierce battle, the Lord�䏭 servant gained courage from the confirmation of �𦯷aron�䏭 budded rod�� and led the GJCC to dwell on Mount Zion for seven months and twenty-one days (May 10, 1979 to January 1, 1980) until they were scattered. Furthermore, the ministry assumed on the holy mountain during that period of time became the blueprint of God�䏭 mighty works in the ��80s. This confirms the Lord�䏭 servant�䏭 ministry as the spiritual leader. He has the rod of God in his hands and works miracles.