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The King�䏭 Seal

It is recorded in the Book of Esther that when the Jews were taken captive, their enemy, Haman, plotted to destroy all the Jews. Mordecai the Jew held fast to God�䏭 justice and never gave in. Thus, God turned the situation around. The king�䏭 signet ring (seal) was taken from Haman and given to Mordecai instead. Another decree was issued allowing the Jews to counterattack their enemies and they turned from defeat to victory.

On August 31, 1981 God gave this stamp that symbolizes the king�䏭 seal to the New Testament Church (NTC). This testifies that today�䏭 Mordecai (Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong) issues God�䏭 decree on behalf of God to destroy the evil plots of Zion�䏭 enemies, exterminate Zion�䏭 enemies, and rescue the people of Zion from the fate of being annihilated!