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Aaron�䏭 Budded Rod

The Book of Esther tells us that when the Jews were in captivity, their enemy, Haman, hatched a wicked plan to annihilate all the Jews in Persia. Esther, who was Queen at the time, was also a Jew. According to Mordecai�䏭 orders, Esther went before the king to plead for her life. The King stretched out his golden scepter to her so that she would not be put to death for breaking protocol. He answered her petition and allowed all the Jews the right to counterattack their enemies to preserve their lives. In the end they turned from sorrow to joy and from defeat to victory!

On July 7, 1981, the rod made of palm, that the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong used, cracked. The brothers fixed it by wrapping a copper frame around it. Suddenly the rod turned gold and it looked like a golden scepter! The Prophet of All Nations was immediately moved to proclaim: The God of heaven (King of kings) has stretched out the golden scepter to the New Testament Church (today�䏭 Esther)! He will reverse the situation, destroy the enemies of Zion, and bring God�䏭 people back to Zion in victory! Today the words of the Prophet of All Nations have been fulfilled.