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God's Maidservant Sis. Kong Duen Yee God's Maid Servant Sis. Kong Duen YeeThe Lord�䏭 Maidservant Sister Kong Duen Yee God's Maid Servant Sis. Kong Duen Yee

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The maidservant of the living God, the great Prophet of All Nations Sister Kong Duen Yee, was once a famous movie star in Hong Kong. When God�䏭 calling came upon her in 1959, she resolutely left her movie career, fame, and fortune to bear the cross and follow the Lord.

In 1963, God revealed her ministry as the Prophet of All Nations and appointed her to be the steward of His mysteries. He also revealed to her the Inspiration of 721�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church (NTC). She recovered and revealed the mystery of the truth that had been buried for more than a thousand years. The truth includes blood, water, and Holy Spirit�𤴆he full salvation of Jesus Christ and Apostleship�𤴆he law of building the church. God sent her to many places to preach the complete truth, to demolish the denominations (manmade organizations), and to rebuild the NTC according to the revelation of the Holy Spirit. She led God�䏭 people to attain the unity of faith, and brought them the hope of entering God�䏭 kingdom.

Sister Kong served the Lord for only seven years. She suffered manifolds trials, afflictions, and battles in order to preach the truth. Although she was attacked and slandered, she remained faithful until the end. At the last stage of her serving, her health failed her due to tongue cancer, yet she continued to faithfully defend the truth amidst great sufferings. She preached until she lost her voice. When her voice was gone, she preached through writing. When her right hand could no longer write, she wrote with her left. When she had no more strength to write, she scribbled. She poured out her life and was faithful to the Lord�䏭 trust until she slipped into a coma. She rested in the Lord�䏭 bosom on August 17, 1966. This is a life of complete dedication, a witness of faith whose oil was burned for the Lord to the very last drop.