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Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade (GJCC)Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade (GJCC)

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Sis. Kong

God chose Sister Kong Duen Yee to be the Prophet of All Nations (see Jer. 1:4��10) and gave her the ministry of an apostle. God also gave her a group of co-workers, who worked with her to assume the great turn of the era ministry of ending men�䏭 kingdoms and realizing God�䏭 kingdom. The Holy Spirit gave this ministerial group the name Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade (GJCC). After Sister Kong Duen Yee rested in the Lord, God raised up Brother Elijah Hong to succeed her ministry. Brother Elijah Hong leads the GJCC to continue the ministry.

The GJCC is the gospel crusading team of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to start a spiritual revolution in the whole world: To destroy all idols and false gods; to demolish all denominations, heresies, and false doctrines in the Christendom; and to preach the full salvation of Jesus Christ�𥿡lood, water, and Holy Spirit. We are entrusted to rebuild the only Church that is after God�䏭 heart, and lead the people of this world back to the one and only true God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, to the unity of faith. The GJCC will also revolutionize all godless culture and technology, wipe out all manmade poisons, and bring all creation back to God�䏭 rule to live by God�䏭 law.

From the time of Sister Kong Duen Yee to the time of Brother Elijah Hong, the GJCC has been preaching the gospel of the heavenly kingdom throughout the world. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the GJCC expounds the mysteries of the truth and the law of life. GJCC preaches forth God�䏭 will of the era. These powerful acts of God are published into tracts, pamphlets, and books such as A Living Testimony to the Truth, Book of Esther, Entering God�䏭 Kingdom, Apostleship, A Man and A Mountain, etc. These publications concern God�䏭 end-time will, and they are available in Mount Zion (in Taiwan) and all the New Testament churches. They are given out free of charge. You are welcome to have them and share the Lord�䏭 grace with us.