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Words of the Prophet FulfilledProphecy has FulfilledWords of the Prophet FulfilledProphecy has Fulfilled

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  • Jacob�䏭 Tents Shall Be Restored, People of Zion Return in Triumph
    In 1980, the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Chiang dynasty unlawfully plundered Mount Zion and ousted the people of Zion from their home. Under this autocracy, it was deemed impossible for the people of Zion (New Testament Church) to return to Zion. But God�䏭 Spirit moved the Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong to prophesy:
    �䯀acob�䏭 tents (people of Zion) shall be restored.��
    In October 1986, the God of heaven led the New Testament Church (NTC) back to Zion triumphantly, thus fulfilling the words of the prophet.
  • God Will Destroy the Evil Chiang Dynasty!
    If Chiang Ching-kuo Dies a Natural Death, I Am Not a True Prophet
    In addition to plundering Zion, the KMT and the Chiang dynasty mobilized the political party, executive branch, military, police, intelligence, judicial branch, and the media to persecute the NTC with the intent to wipe her out. God�䏭 Spirit once again moved Prophet Elijah Hong to prophesy:
    �𦒈od will destroy the evil Chiang dynasty! The Chiang dynasty shall end! Chiang Ching-kuo will die a violent death. If he dies a natural death, then I am not a true prophet!��
    True enough, on January 13, 1988 Chiang Ching-kuo died a violent death. Blood spurted out from the seven apertures of his head! Following that, the Chiang dynasty ended. The prophet�䏭 words came true!
  • KMT�䏭 Double Ten National Day Shall Turn into a Double Death National Funeral!
    The Evil KMT Regime Will Soon Fall!
    On October 10, 1987 the KMT riot squad surrounded the church of the living God and assaulted God�䏭 children. Filled with God�䏭 fury, Prophet Elijah Hong prophesied:
    �𦖿MT�䏭 Double Ten National Day shall turn into a Double Death National Funeral! The evil KMT regime will soon fall!��
    True enough, in 1988 Chiang Ching-kuo died an unnatural death. And in 2000, the KMT lost the presidential election.
  • God of Heaven Will Punish the Children for the Sins of their Fathers to the Third and Fourth Generation
    Chiang Ching-kuo died without remorse. The prophet spoke,
    �嚹he God of heaven will not leave the tyrant unpunished. He punishes the children for the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generation. The Chiang dynasty shall suffer the loss of their country, party, and family.��
    One year after Chiang Ching-kuo�䏭 death, his son Hsiao-wen died in 1989. Hsiao-wu died in 1991. Hsiao-yung died in 1996. Chang Hsiao-tzu died in 1996. Within a few years, the Chiang�䏭 were left with only a few men and seven widows. How shocking! These prophecies are not to be ignored.
  • Epochal and Destructive Political Quakes Will Befall Man's Kingdoms
    On October 20, 1989, Prophet Elijah Hong was moved to proclaim:
    �諪pochal and destructive political quakes will befall man's kingdoms.�� As expected, a radical change immediately came upon Eastern Europe�䏭 communist bloc. Communism was renounced and the communist bloc crumbled. Suddenly the Berlin Wall was torn down. Country after country claimed independence from the Soviet Union.
  • Trample the Soviet King! The Communist Bloc Disintegrates!
    On August 18, 1991, Prophet Elijah Hong was moved to proclaim: �嚹rample the Soviet King!�� The next day an earth-shattering change took place in the USSR: Gorbachev was put under house arrest. Then Gorbachev stepped down. More than a dozen USSR members claimed independence. The communist bloc disintegrated!
  • All Nations Shall Flow to Mount Zion in Taiwan
    In 1979, the highway of Zion had not been opened, so Mount Zion was still unknown. Yet Prophet Elijah Hong prophesied on the mountain,
    �𦯷ll nations shall flow to Mount. Zion in the isle of the East.�� �𦔒n the future, all kinds of vehicles, even the most expensive cars, will come up to Zion.��
    Today, in addition to pilgrims and visitors from around the world, various luxury sedans have driven up to Zion. Several TV stations of Taiwan also drove up their SNG vans for interviews. Again, these prophecies have gloriously come true before the eyes of this world.
  • The Unprecedented Power of 9.24 as Described in the Scriptures Shall Come upon the World

    The Book of Haggai in the Old Testament stated, �𥟡n the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, in the second year of Darius, The word of the LORD came by Haggai the prophet, saying, �㜭peak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying: I will shake heaven and earth��.�仮��!

    In September 2004, God�䏭 Spirit moved the prophet to prophesy that the tremendous power of 9.24 as described in the Scriptures will come upon Man's kingdom. He also said that very soon, solemn and dreadful things would happen. On December 26, 2004, the tremendous power came upon South Asia. A terrifying tsunami touched off an unprecedented disaster. The prophet�䏭 words were again powerfully fulfilled.

    On December 26, 2004 and January 1, 2005 God�䏭 Spirit moved the prophet to speak again, �鎿�� God will not only shake the seas but also the dry lands�色�� His solemn prophecies were speedily fulfilled:

      On January 19, a 6.9 earthquake struck Kanto, Japan.
      On February 5, a 7.1 quake hit the Philippine Seas.
      On February 19, a 6.9 quake shook the Indonesia Sea.
      On February 22, there was a 6.4 quake in Iran.
      On February 23, there were three earthquakes in one day in Maryland of the US. This is a place where earthquakes are rare.
      On March 5, Miyazaki Prefecture Japan had a 4.3 quake.
      On March 6, a 5.4 quake hit the US/Canada border in Quebec Province.
      On the same day, a rare shallow 5.9 double quake shook Yilan, Taiwan, shocking the whole northern part of Taiwan.
      On March 9, South Africa, a place where earthquakes are rare, had a 5.3 strong quake.
      On March 20, Kyushu, Japan had 7.0 quake, the strongest ever in North Asia.
      On March 29, another historical quake of 8.7 shook the Indonesian sea causing thousands of casualties.

    Earthquakes larger than magnitude 6 are repeatedly happening in all the continents and oceans. The prophet�䏭 words were being fulfilled throughout the whole world. Dear friends, God sent the prophet to warn the people of the disasters beforehand. This shows His loves for mankind. He wants all men to be saved, not wanting anyone to perish.

    The prophecies that God moved Elijah Hong (the Prophet of All Nations) to proclaim have been fulfilled many times, and they will continue to come true. The heaven and earth have begun to shake at extinction level. The great tribulations prophesied in Revelation shall come soon! Friends, this is our hope for you: Heed the prophet�䏭 words and understand God�䏭 will. Quickly return to the NTC and submit to the apostle�䏭 leading. Prepare yourself to escape the great tribulation that is coming upon all mankind. Be sanctified and enter God�䏭 kingdom.