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Continuation of Revival, Succession of Ministry Continuation of Revival and MinistryContinuation of Revival, Succession of Ministry Continuation of Revival and Ministry

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On December 7, 1965, God�䏭 maidservant, Sister Kong, was commissioned to establish and fortify the churches of Taiwan. There she ordained various ministers and also did a glorious work�𤳙he sought for Brother Elijah Hong as Prophet Samuel sought for little David. When Sister Kong prayed for Brother Hong, she held his hands tightly and put her forehead against his forehead. She hoped to pour all she had received from God onto Brother Hong. This dramatized the transition of her ministry to Brother Hong who would eventually carry on the mission and revival.

After Sister Kong returned to Hong Kong, she continued to correspond with and pray earnestly for Brother Hong. Brother Hong was certain that Sister Kong had received the ministry of the Prophet of All Nations. He understood the complete truth preached by her and fully believed the vision of the Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church (NTC) and demolishes denominations. He also imitated Sister Kong to be faithful to the Lord. After God�䏭 maidservant, Sister Kong, rested in the Lord in 1966, her daughter Ruth Cheung succeeded her ministry. In 1968, the Holy Spirit confirmed the Lord�䏭 servant, Brother Hong, as an apostle. Moreover, God revealed to him the truth of apostleship, which he preached with thorough enlightenment. In 1976, Ruth Cheung turned apostate due to personal relationships. In the same year on February 9th, the Holy Spirit greatly revealed that Brother Hong is to succeed Sister Kong�䏭 ministry as the Prophet of All Nations and the master builder (chief apostle). Amidst ferocious waves of apostasy, Brother Hong stood firm and held fast to the complete truth, so that the NTC remained steadfast. Since then, the Lord�䏭 servant continues to lead the NTC to build upward on the foundation (of the truth) laid by Sister Kong. Now, the building of the NTC (the spiritual house in which the Holy Spirit dwells) is almost complete. The Church is holy and can be presented to Christ! Hallelujah!