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Truth Triumphs Over DespotismTruth Triumphs Over Despotism


In 1980, after the people of Zion were ousted from their homes by the Kuomintang (KMT), they wandered from place to place without a fixed abode. First, they stayed at Sisherliao, and later they took shelter at Hsiaolin Riverbed. The KMT came to destroy their brief plastic tents and large umbrellas used as shelter. It also wrongfully charged the people of Zion with �𦭛respassing the riverbed�� and sent them to prison group after group. Repeated petitions of the people of Zion only incurred an even more cruel form of religious persecution. In the end, the Holy Spirit moved New Testament Church (NTC) Christians worldwide to take to the streets, holding billboards to expose the atrocious acts of the KMT, who retaliated with even greater violence. They shed the blood of the Christians and also that of the prophet. However, the NTC fought courageously for truth and justice, and never gave in. Finally, Chiang Ching-kuo surrendered to the God of the NTC. True enough, just as God had promised, the NTC returned to Zion triumphantly!


The KMT did not only persecute the people of Zion, but also vandalized their properties. When Mount Zion was plundered, all her dwellings, the church premises and the three-storey watchtower were sawn apart and torn down. The utility poles were also cut down. The scripture-inscribed wooden signs were hacked or smashed. All the furniture, Bibles, and hymnals were completely ruined. More useful equipments and tools were taken away. God will not tolerate such heinous atrocities! No wonder the prophet was moved to pronounce judgment: Tyrants shall die! Tyrannies shall fall! True enough, these words have come true!

From 1980 until 1986, the history of the NTC protesting against tyranny is a strong piece of evidence that �嚹ruth triumphs over despotism�� in the 21st century!