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Mt. Zion SeneryMt. Zion Senery

On Mount Zion, there are many scenic spots that have spiritual significance such as: the Cherubim Gate, the Big Stone Tablet, the Stronghold of Zion, Plum Orchard, David�䏭 Citadel, Victory Hall, History Museum, Truth-triumphs-over-despotism Monument, the Altar, the Holy Temple��. These are not just a feast for your eyes, they also bring you back to nature and more importantly, relay to you the many wonders God has done on Mount Zion. From them, you will realize that the God of Mount Zion is true and living; then you may turn to Him, believe in Him and receive blessings from Him. Friends, we wish you would come up to Zion with a reverent and desirous heart for God. Apart from enjoying the majestic scenery, you could even seek the grace of the LORD from the prophet in order to enjoy the warmth and tranquility of God�䏭 Home as well as the peace and honor of God�䏭 Kingdom together with all the saints.