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Temple and Altar Temple, AltarTemple and Altar Temple, Altar

C1 In 1963, Prophet Elijah Hong was led by God to come to Mount Zion, where he found a stone to rest his head against and lay down to sleep. God appeared and revealed to him the Scriptures in Genesis 28:10��22. God promised to give him the land he on which he lay. God was with him wherever he went and would protect him and bring him back to this land.

In 1980, Zion was plundered by man�䏭 kingdom. The people of Zion wandered and battled for seven years. Finally in 1986, God brought them back to Zion in victory according to His promise. After the prophet returned to the holy mountain, he built an altar at the place where he once slept with a stone pillow. He led the whole House of Jacob (NTC) to offer themselves as a living sacrifice on the altar, and to pray for the latter-day revival. At the same time, he built the Temple of God with timber beside the altar for God�䏭 children to meet and worship God.

God will answer anyone who comes and prays sincerely at the temple or the altar of Mount Zion. God�䏭 grace will come upon him. For this temple is the house of prayer for all nations! And this is the altar of the LORD!