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Mt. Zion history MuseumMt. Zion history Museum

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The history of Mount Zion is colorful as well as touching. In the past, after the Israelites came out of Egypt, God made known His works to His people through Moses. Likewise today, God also makes known His works to His children through the prophet. God�䏭 Spirit moved Elijah Hong to set up the History Museum on Mount Zion to remind His children of the wickedness of the human kingdom as well as God�䏭 faithfulness and power. This museum comprises General Museum, Second Museum, Third Museum and Fourth Museum.


The General Museum is on the ground floor of the Victory Hall. It mainly relates the ministry and revelation the prophet received from God. It also explains the Eden vision and Eden enterprise brought by the man of God. It also covers the introductions to almost twenty offshoots of Zion in all parts of the world. This museum also displays the tributes from pilgrims throughout the world over the years.


The Second Museum is at the old site of the church premises of Mount Zion. It is a model of the old church premises that was partially reconstructed from its ruins. Apart from displaying the records of the early life of the pioneers who opened up the mountain with their bare hands, it also proclaims the atrocities of the tyrannical regime that had plundered and destroyed Mount Zion. There is a list of evidence of the regime�䏭 brutalities and crimes, through which the religious persecution of the New Testament Church is exposed.


The Third Museum, situated near Hebron Villa, is displaying the history of a gospel bus. In 1987 during a gospel campaign, this bus, called ��127 Big Bus�� was attacked by the Kuomintang (KMT) police. Its tires were punctured by the KMT�䏭 spike chain, and its windshield was broken by the police�䏭 truncheons. This is one of the iron-clad proofs of the atrocities of KMT �� who till today has not apologized for their evil deeds.

On the Small Stone Hill, between the Third Museum and the Victory Hall, stands an iron tower that had been twisted and deformed by the excavator of the KMT. This iron tower is the symbol of the spirit of Zion�䏭 people when they were wandering at Hsiaolin Riverbed. Now it stands on Zion testifying that truth has triumphed over despotism!

The Fourth Museum (under construction) is situated at the watchtower ruins on the trail of the Plum Orchard. The watchtower used to be where the people of Zion took turns to watch and pray round the clock for the blessing of the country�䏭 head of state, government officers, common people as well as all nations and peoples. However, under KMT�䏭 persecution, this watchtower was brought to ruin with its pillars and roof sawn into pieces. We can only mourn for the KMT that did not want blessings but curses.