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The people of Zion developed Mount Zion so that she would be a praise in the earth. Other than the most basic buildings such as pigsty, goat pen, and chicken coop, we also had several solid constructions for worship and enterprises.

In April 1973, the watchtower was completed. Since then, the people of Zion took turns praying vigilantly around the clock, for Taiwan and all the nations on earth. In June, they excavated the big fishpond. At that time, there weren�脌 any excavator or bulldozer on the mountain�𤤗ll they had were some old pickaxes and hoes, a few bamboo dustpans, and an untrained bull to get the job done. It was difficult for them to excavate the fishpond on a slope using such primitive tools, especially before the rainy season set in! The people of Zion and some Christians from churches down the mountain, a total of 70 people, worked day in and day out, digging inch by inch, and carrying load after load of earth away. Some dug until their hands blistered and bled, while others carried the loads until their shoulders were swollen and sore. Nevertheless, thanks be to God for demonstrating His power in controlling the weather: First, He delayed the rainy season by a month. Then, while the surrounding neighbors experienced heavy downpours, Mount Zion enjoyed brilliant sunshine. Finally, after 77 days of hard work, the big fishpond wonderfully appeared.

Towards the end of May 1974, the people of Zion started to install the electric poles, wires and lights on the mountain. But because the trail up to Mount Zion was steep, winding, and narrow, the workers from the electric company were unable to transport the 20 feet-long wooden poles and other heavy devices up the mountain. However, by the God�䏭 wisdom, the people of Zion applied the Millstone-Turning method and rotated the poles uphill, one by one In June of the same year, they built the church premises. During the rainy season, the fallen logs wonderfully drifted along the flooded brook to the construction site. The brothers toiled day and night, and within two weeks, they completed the preliminary work of the church premises just in time for the Summer Convention.

In 1976, a cable car was installed. It took 12 brothers to carry a thin 2 km-long cable, weighing about 400 kg up the mountain. Each brother coiled a section of cable dozens of times around their neck, and trekked uphill in single file. After the thin cable was put up, all the brothers on the mountain were mobilized to carry an even heavier and thicker cable up the mountain, using the same method. With these cables, the simple cable car was set up.

On April 5, 1979, the new cable car, �𦒈ate of Heaven,�� was completely set up and ready for use. And on lunar April 5, the new goat pen was built. On May 13, the people of Zion, who diligently worked around the clock, in rain or shine, completed the �嚹ent of Shem.�� That was the place where God predestined the Prophet of All Nations and the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade to assume ministry. In just a few years, Zion was built into a compact city�𤴆he city of the Great King.