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Construction of Grand Church Premises

In 1963, God led the Prophet of All Nations, Elijah Hong, up to Mount Zion to open up the land for farming. In 1967, the three families of Tan and Liu and some other New Testament Church Christians joined in the development and construction work on the mountain. After several hard years of toil and labor, their work paid off. Mount Zion turned from a wilderness into Eden, drawing back many Christians from Taiwan and overseas. Towards the end of May 1974, the prophet was moved to hold a Summer Convention during the Feast of Tabernacles in July. But in order to accommodate hundreds of people, a building was urgently needed. This need started the construction project of the Church of Mount Zion.

The people of Zion were hard-pressed for time, and they spared no effort to rush rushed the project day and night. Apart from the church premise, the dormitories, kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, stoves, and sunning ground also needed to be built. The rainy season had just set in at that time, so the wet and slippery mountain trails made it very difficult for the people of Zion to go up the mountain and transport the timber. Nevertheless the continuous heavy downpours which caused the overflowing mountain creeks, actually helped transport the required timber down to its destination. Other building materials such as the hardware equipment, cement and sand, however, had to be carried up the mountain, one bag at a time.

It is difficult for outsiders to visualize how much work the project involved. Every morning, the people of Zion worked in sweat under the scorching sun. And every afternoon, they would be drenched with rain. When they were roofing the church premises, lunch was brought up to them so that they could continue rushing the work. At times, they worked non-stop until the next day. After having worked in the same position all day, their muscles would stiffen and backs ache so much that they could hardly stand up and walk. When the framework and the roofing were finally completed, they found out that the building was too low. The whole building had to be raised two feet�𥿡ut how? Wonderfully, God gave old Bro. Liu Yang-De, a skilled man, the wisdom to do it. Without delay, he led his juniors to saw all the pillars and lengthened them one by one by inserting a piece of log at one end. The difficulty involved was unimaginable. But the people of Zion did not know what �筂ifficulty�� meant. In less than a month, they finished building the Church of Mount Zion. Hallelujah!

The church premises built next to the Small Stony Hill was the first major historic construction ever appeared on Mount Zion. It was a multi-purpose structure used as a church for meetings and worships; a workplace for preserving and processing fruits and garden produce; and a leisure hall for resting and fellowship. In summation, the Church of Mount Zion was the main place of worship and the focal point in the lives of the people of Zion in the 70s. This place contains numerous sweet and glorious memories of the �𦤦ood old days.��