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Demolition of Grand Church Premises

The original Church premise

The roof of the Church premise was sworn apart and pulled to the ground with a pulley

On October 3, 1983, the people of Zion accompanied a people�䏭 representative up the mountain. Upon arrival, they were shocked to find some evil men in the act of demolishing the church premises. After having sawn the roof and pillars into pieces, they dragged down the whole premises with a jack. The people of Zion immediately notified the Minjyh Police Station and the Hsiaolin Police Checkpoint. To their surprise, the police ignored them. In May the following year, the people of Zion went up to Mount Zion again, only to find the whole church premises completely razed to the ground, and the �𦒄hurch of Mount Zion�� signboard struck down to the ground in three pieces. How dare the KMT authorities openly demolish the sanctuary of the living God�𤴆his is unheard of in a democratic country! Surely, justice shall not spare them�𤴆hey shall be recompensed and perish.