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A Brief History of the Fight for Mount Zion

1963.4.18 : God raised up Sis. Kong Duen Yee to be the Prophet of All Nations to preach the full gospel of Blood, Water, and Holy Spirit, and the Inspiration of 7.21�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church and demolishes denominations.
1963.1.14 : God led His servant, Elijah Hong, to a mountain called Shuang-lian-ku, which was later named Mount Zion.
1964.3 : Elijah Hong and a few other companions obtained the right to use the land of Mount Zion according to regulations.
1967.7.21 : The three Tan and Liu families settled down on Mount Zion, followed by a few other New Testament Church Christians, who took great pains in opening up the land.
1968.4.11 : The census department approved the domicile registration of Mount Zion�䏭 inhabitants.
1972.3.18 : The Taiwan Provincial Government approved Elijah Hong�䏭 and the people of Zion�䏭 leasehold.
1973 : The Taiwanese government issued a new agricultural development regulation, granting free ownership to those slope-land leaseholders who cultivated the land for five consecutive years. In accordance with this regulation, Elijah Hong and others obtained legal ownership of Mount Zion.
1974.3.12 : The KMT secretly changed Mount Zion�䏭 administrative zone to make the people of Zion�䏭 original legal household registration appear questionable and invalid. Furthermore, the KMT set a police checkpoint at the northern end of the Hsiaolin Riverbed to keep Mount Zion in check.
1976.9.24 : Elijah Hong succeeded Kong Duen Yee�䏭 ministry as Prophet of All Nations, and preached forth the Gracious Words of 9.24 on Mount Zion.
1977.1.1 : The Ministry of the Interior issued 12 house numbers to the people of Zion.
1977.7.1 : The KMT illegally forbade all civil service workers, soldiers, teachers, merchants, students, foreigners and overseas Chinese from applying for a mountain pass to enter Mount Zion.
1977.9.24 : The Ministry of Interior officially issues 12 house number plates to Zion.
1978.12.21 : The glory of the Throne glowed from the prophet, Elijah Hong, as a sign to reveal that God has shone from Zion, the perfection of beauty.
1979.5.10 : According to the revelation of God, the Prophet of All Nations, Elijah Hong, lived on Zion for seven months and 21 days, and prophesied that all nations would return to Mount Zion.
1970s : The KMT established a �𢜛ountain Clearance�� group to deal with Mount Zion. They planned to seize Mount Zion and drive out her people on trumped-up charges.
1979.9.17 : The KMT authorities launched a search on the mountain. They dispatched armed police forces to investigate and even search the whole mountain with minesweepers.
1979.10.27 : The KMT search the mountain again under the name of military maneuvers.
1979.11.7 : The National Security Bureau Chief, Wang Yung-shu, came in plain clothes to investigate Zion. Although no banned objects or illegal activities were found on the mountain, we were still �㙟rdered to leave the mountain.��
1980.1.1 : The KMT carried out their premeditated persecution on the Prophet of All Nations and the people of Zion, forcing them to leave the mountain.
1980.2.25 : The KMT used forged military draft notices to trick the youths of the three Tan and Liu families to leave the mountain.
1980.3.18 : The KMT served Tan Jao-hsing with a fake summons to trick him down the mountain.
1980.3.26 : The KMT police set up a meeting with Liu Yang-de and Liu Tsai-tze to swindle them out of their home on the mountain.
1980.4.1 : The Administrative Court ruled in favor of Tan Jao-hsin and others, stating that they had registered their permanent residency on the mountain.
1980.5.1 : The KMT forcibly dragged down all the remaining women and children from Mount Zion. The Tan and Liu families had to temporary take shelter in a pigsty at Shiserliao.
1980.12.13 : The KMT completely ignored the administrative court�䏭 written judgment. When the people of Zion tried to return home for the annual census, they were barred from entering at the Hsiaolin Checkpoint, though they had with them the judgment written in their favor. Since then, they were forced to wander at the Hsiaolin Riverbed until 1985�𤤗 total of four years. (For details, please see The Major Events at the Hsiaolin Riverbed.)
1981.2.24 : The Prophet of All Nations was moved by the Holy Spirit to proclaim that Mount Zion in Taiwan is the holy mountain that all nations shall flow to in the last days as prophesied by the prophet Isaiah.
1982 : The KMT looted all the belongings and properties of the people of Zion on the mountain.
1983 : The KMT completely demolished the church premises and other buildings on Mount Zion.
1984 : Since the KMT had rejected all lawful appeals of the NTC, we took to the streets to preach the gospel, declaring justice, vanquishing tyranny and rescuing mankind.
1985 : The KMT forces went all out to assault Christians throughout Taiwan, causing severe internal injuries.
1985.10.9 : One of our preachers in New York lost his hearing after being mauled by KMount
1985.11.17 : The KMT�䏭 brutality extends to Tahiti. They try to run over a gospel messenger of the NTC with a car and also beat and kicked the Christians.C
1985.12.3 : Southeast Asian pilgrims came to Hsiaolin to gaze at Zion, but the KMT dispatched a huge troop of armed police to bar them from entering at the Hsiaolin Checkpoint.
1985.12.7 : According to the ��1206 Ad Hoc�� set up by the KMT, the military, police, and intelligence personnel launched an atrocious attack on both the local and overseas NTC Christians at the Taoyuan International Airport. The KMT assaulted the second group of Southeast Asian pilgrims, tore up their return tickets, and deported them to Hong Kong, leaving them stranded in a foreign land. The first pilgrimage group, however, was forced onto the plane only after a savage beating, and was sent back to Kuala Lumpur empty-handed. Most of the local Christians who went to the airport to receive the overseas pilgrims, were also sorely beaten. Nine of them were imprisoned and another five who sustained severe internal injuries were sent to the Chang Gung Hospital, where they were left unattended for three years. In the hospital, they fought steadfastly for justice. But the police came, forcibly took away one of them, and imprisoned him.
1986.2.12 : The Prophet of All Nations proclaimed, �𦔒t is right and proper for anyone to return home. It is not necessary to obtain a permit from the KMT to return home.�� Hence the NTC made a detour and returned to Zion from the back of the mountain.
1986.2 : The KMT set up the �𦒈reen Field Ad Hoc�� in an attempt to lure NTC into compromising with them.
1986.5.10 : Hundreds of armed policemen and military personnel used violence against Mount Zion. They shed the blood of the Christians and of the prophet, Elijah Hong, in an attempt to kill him.C
1986.9.13 : The NTC was summoned to appear in court for the airport incident. After the hearing, the saints were blocked from leaving the Garrison Command Center, which is next to the High Court Building. At this juncture, they hoisted the banner proclaiming, �𦒈od shall curse and annihilate the Chiang Dynasty!�� judging the country�䏭 militaristic rule.
1986.10.1 : The NTC won a glorious victory. The Tan and Liu families returned to Zion.
1986.10.25 : The NTC returned to Zion in victory.
1987.3 : Southeast Asian Christians assumed the ministry of vanquishing tyrants and rescuing mankind in Singapore. The Lee Kuan Yew regime conspired with the Chiang Dynasty to arrest, assault, imprison and torture the gospel messengers.
1987.7.15 : The police checkpoint at Hsiaolin was removed. Christians from all over the world came to Zion to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.
1987.8.1 : Another court session was held for the airport incident. This time, the NTC was blocked from leaving in front of the Presidential Office. Therefore, they assumed ministry by lifting the banners which read, �𦒄hiang Ching Kuo is a Tyrant and the KMT is a Tyranny. The Tyrant Shall Die and the Tyranny Shall Fall!��
1987.10.10 : Christians from the Church of Taipei longed to return to Zion, but the over-suspicious KMT seized the church premises with hundreds of armed police and barbed wires, and clubbed the saints.
1988.1.13 : God�䏭 retribution came upon Chiang Ching-kuo. He died a gruesome death with blood gushed out of the seven orifices of his face.
1988.1.30 : Christians of the Church of Kaohsiung planned to return to Zion. Again the skeptical KMT sent policemen to stop them. The criminal police and thugs assaulted the saints and destroyed the church facilities.
1988.2.7 : The KMT shed the blood of NTC Christians in San Francisco, US.
1988.2.28 : The KMT stabbed a female Christian in Houston, US.

Postscript: The �𦒈reen Field Ad Hoc�� was only a crafty measure adopted by the KMT to eventually plunder Mount Zion. After the ad hoc was dissolved, the KMT never appeared again to �𦨴how concern�� in resolving Mount Zion�䏭 land and domicile issues, or redress the miscarriages of justice and wrongful imprisonments.)