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Major Events at Hsiaolin Riverbed

1980.01.01 : The Kuomintang (KMT) plundered Mount Zion and evicted the Prophet of All Nations and the people of Zion.
1980.04.01 : The Administrative Court ruled in favor of Tan Shao-hsin and the other people of Zion, stating that they had applied for the relocation of their domicile in a mountainous region.
1980.05.01 : All the people of Zion were forcibly driven down the mountain by the KMount The three families of Tan and Liu stayed in a pigsty at Siserliao.
1980.12.13 : The KMT completely ignored the administrative court�䏭 written judgment. When the families of Tan and Liu tried to return home for the annual census, they were barred from entering at the Hsiaolin Checkpoint, though they had with them the judgment written in their favor. Since then, they were forced to wander at the Hsiaolin Riverbed.
1967.7.21 : The Prophet of All Nations and the GJCC stayed at the Hsiaolin Riverbed to fight for Zion with the people of Zion.
1981.06.08 : The Prophet of All Nations and the GJCC stayed at the Hsiaolin Riverbed to fight for Zion with the people of Zion.
1981.10.10 : The Lord�䏭 March of Triumph appeared at the Hsiaolin Riverbed.
1981.12.13 : The Ensign of All Nations was made. More than 1,500 Christians from all over Taiwan and overseas gathered to celebrate Purim at the Hsiaolin Riverbed.
1982.02.22 : The �𢜛.V. Exodus�� (�𢜛otor Vessel Exodus��) banner was hoisted.
1982.04.18 : NTC celebrated 4.18. The Prophet of All Nations unfurled the Ensign of All Nations. God showed His delight with a rainbow encircling the sun.
1982.05 : The Hsiaolin Riverbed flooded. (Throughout the four years of wandering at the riverbed, the people of Zion encountered a total of eight flash floods.)
1982.07.21 : Tribes from around the world came to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles at the riverbed, erecting an iron frame, which stated, �侻trive On Towards Zion.��
1982.07.30 : A serious flash flood beat the tents and endangered the people of Zion at the riverbed. The prophet raised his hands and prayed, and the waters receded.
1982.08.26 : The KMT conducted an atrocious household check on the people of Zion at the riverbed.
1982.08.31 : The KMT razed the tents to the ground, leaving the people of Zion without shelter.
1983.01.25 : The heads of the three Tan and Liu families were sentenced to six-month jail terms under false charges of �𦨴andbar encroachment.�� On the day the written judgment arrived, a KMT helicopter crashed at the riverbed. All three people aboard the helicopter died a miserable death.
1983.04.18 : The heads of the three families were wrongfully imprisoned.
1983.07.12 : The KMT violently tore down what they called �𦤹llegal sunshade structures�� at the riverbed.
1983.07.22 : The KMT plundered the Tans�� and the Lius�� daily necessities, Bibles and banners, and set them on fire.
1983.10.18 : The heads of the three families marched out of jail triumphantly, and continued fighting for their return to Zion.
1984.10.03 : Seven other people of Zion were unjustly imprisoned for six months.
1985.04.01 : Five more Tans and Lius were sentenced to a six-month imprisonment. Only two young children were not sentenced. The people of Zion fought the evil regime�𤀼MT to the very end. Under the leading of God, they ended their wandering days at the riverbed and took this case to the streets, preaching the gospel, assuming the ministry of vanquishing tyrannies, and rescuing mankind.