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He Sends the Holy Spirit to Dwell with MenHe Sends the Holy Spirit to Dwell with Men

Jesus, the Word that became flesh, came to the world. Being limited in the flesh, He could not be with every disciple simultaneously. But He ascended to heaven 40 days after His resurrection, and on the 50th day (Pentecost), He sent the Holy Spirit (His own Spirit). The Holy Spirit, who is not restricted by time and space, dwells simultaneously in all who obey Him. Just before His ascension, Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and fire.) After being baptized with the Holy Spirit, we will receive various spiritual blessings. We will understand all truth and receive power to love Him, bear witness of Him and serve Him. Also, the power of the Holy Spirit will keep us until our Lord comes. �覀�婮You] who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time�仮�� (1 Pet. 1:5). All Christians must receive the Spirit baptism (please read The Holy Spirit Baptism).