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The Holy Spirit Rebuilds New Testament Church Holy Spirit Rebuilds NTCThe Holy Spirit Rebuilds New Testament Church Holy Spirit Rebuilds NTC

Inspiration of 7.21

Christendom had been in chaos and desolation for hundreds of years until 1959, when God chose Mui Yee (stage name), a once famous movie star in Hong Kong. She was the Lord�䏭 maidservant, Sister Kong Duen Yee. God appointed her to be the Prophet of All Nations and revealed her ministry as an apostle. He revealed to her the fundamental faith of the pristine Church�𤴆he full truth of blood, water, and Holy Spirit. He also entrusted her to preach the epochal message of the Inspiration of 7.21�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the New Testament Church (NTC) and demolishes the denominations. As a result, the church was rebuilt and the testimony of Christ�䏭 glorious resurrection reappeared among men. This testimony has remained victorious to this day. It has also concretely appeared on Mount Zion.

The Inspiration of 7.21�𤴆he Holy Spirit rebuilds the NTC, is completely unknown to the public. What is the Inspiration of 7.21? What does it have to do with the Holy Spirit rebuilds the NTC? What is the Holy Spirit rebuilds the NTC all about? Why does the NTC say that it is a fulfilment of the truth dramatized by the return of the Israelites from captivity as recorded in the Old Testament? Where is this recorded in the Bible? How does it come true? In short, how did the Holy Spirit rebuild the NTC?

The entire Bible talks about one thing�浧od�䏭 kingdom. The Bible also makes known God�䏭 only wish, that God wants to dwell with men. In the Old Testament era, God chose the Israelites as His elect. Through them, God established a God-governed nation that would manifest His glory and abundance. He also chose Jerusalem where He placed His name. From the temple of Jerusalem, God blessed His people. However, the Israelites disobeyed God and departed from Him. As a result, their nation was conquered and they were taken captives to other lands. The holy temple was also demolished. (Ref. to 2 Chronicles 36:14��21 and Jeremiah 25:8��11.) However, through the prophecies of the prophets, God repeatedly promised that His people would return to their land to rebuild the holy temple. (Ref. to Jeremiah 29:10; 30:3,18 and 9:11��15.) Sure enough, when the 70 years of captivity appointed by God were up, God�䏭 people returned to their land to rebuild the temple (2 Chron. 36:21��23). July 21 (7.21) was the day Prophet Haggai called upon the people who returned to rebuild the temple (Hag. 2: 1).

In 1963, through various circumstances, God moved His maidservant, Sister Kong Duen Yee, to print the number 7.21 as a mark on all the gospel pamphlets. At that time, Sister Kong did not fully understand why. The mystery of the Inspiration of 7.21 was fully revealed after the gospel campaign in Malaysia and Singapore where the Holy Spirit wonderfully established the churches of the NTC. It was revealed that the Inspiration of 7.21 was the revelation of rebuilding the temple (church). The truth represented by the Israelites in rebuilding the holy temple in the Old Testament is now concretely realized and fulfilled in our era. Today, God�䏭 people have also returned from the captivity of the denominations, heresies, and the sinful world, to Jesus Christ. It is on this foundation of Jesus Christ (the full truth of blood, water, and Holy Spirit), that NTC was rebuilt.