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Be Prepared to Meet Your God Be Prepared to Meet Your GodBe Prepared to Meet Your God Be Prepared to Meet Your God

When you see famines, earthquakes, plagues, killings; endless natural and man-made disasters; lawlessness on the rise; seductive heresies and fallacies; a degenerating civilization; and helpless experts and scholars unable to prevent evil politics, military, economy, culture, education... you should know that the end-time great tribulation is at hand!

Meanwhile, the branches of the fig tree have grown tender and put forth its leaves. The physical Jews have restored their nation and the spiritual Jews (New Testament Church) have been rebuilt by the Holy Spirit. The Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong has gone throughout the world to preach the gospel of Jubilee to all peoples. Hence, doomsday is near and the Lord is coming back soon!

Friends, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior now! Depart from heresies, cults, idols, and false gods! Receive the full gospel of Blood, Water and Holy Spirit to be established in the New Testament Church, the church which is after God's heart. Join Eden Homestead, the mainstream of the era, and be prepared to meet your God!