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The Witness of Blood The Witness of BloodThe Witness of Blood The Witness of Blood

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The Witness of Blood

The witness of blood means being born again through confession and repentance. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The world is ungodly and unrighteous: worshiping false gods or other gods; renouncing God; disbelieving in God or exalting oneself as god; having impure thoughts, immoral, or unjust behavior. For the wages of sin is death. If anyone wants to be saved, he has to come to the Savior Jesus, who shed His blood and died for the world, to repent and confess all his sins. With the precious blood of Christ, he will be cleansed from all uncleanness. After he has been born again, he needs to come before the Lord often to be cleansed by His precious blood.