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End Man's Kingdom, Realize God's Kingdom Terminate Human Kingdoms, Realize God's KingdomEnd Man's Kingdom, Realize God's Kingdom Terminate Human Kingdoms, Realize God's Kingdom

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Terminate Man�䏭 Kingdoms

Peace and freedom are the common goals of all mankind. They are also what God planned to give men when He created them. However, for more than 6,000 years, this has only been a hope. Nowhere on earth is there true freedom and true peace. There are racial conflicts and international disputes everywhere. In the United Nations Plaza, there is the famous quotation from Isaiah 2:4: �嚹hey shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nations shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore�� incised into the Isaiah Wall. It is ironic that these words were dedicated during the construction of the United Nations headquarters. What has the United Nations accomplished in the last 60 years? What has it brought to mankind? We didn�脌 see swords turning into plowshares. What we saw were atomic bombs turning into nuclear bombs. Their �𦡞rms reduction�� was merely replacing outdated weapons with more advanced ones. Is there any nation that is unarmed? Is there any nation that has not been building up its military? No. International conflicts remain unresolved. The 6,000-year history of mankind can be called a history of chaos! And what is the source of these problems? These problems stem from what the world calls �𦨭ations��. The �𦨭ations�� are the roots of all problems and the only crux of the world�䏭 chaos.

The Origin of Man�䏭 Kingdoms

�𤧶rom these the coastland people of the Gentiles were separated into their lands, everyone according to his language, according to their families, into their nations�� (Gen. 10:5). �嚹hese were the families of the sons of Noah, according to their generations, in their nations; and from these the nations were divided on the earth after the flood�� (Gen. 10:32).

In the beginning, there were no nations. Men only began to divide lands and form nations after the great flood. Actually, the earth was intended to support the existence of all mankind and creature. It is not made for any nation or regime to occupy. A nation needs land to exist, but the earth doesn�脌 need any nation to continue its vitality. Man�䏭 kingdoms (nations) are merely the products of degenerate men�琷en who have departed from God. Man�䏭 kingdoms are the political constructions formed after men divided the earth created by God. The rise and fall of nations come from uniting, dividing, fomenting revolution, achieving independence�� Obviously, they are fragile and unstable manmade systems. They can be divided, and they can disintegrate. Some people say, �乪hen a city falls, no inhabitant will be safe; when a nation disintegrates, no home will remain.�� But the fact is that home existed long before the existence of any nation. Man�䏭 kingdoms didn�脌 exist at the time of creation. Man�䏭 kingdoms are the chief culprits, which trespass the earth and destroy God�䏭 order of creation.

The Nature of Man�䏭 Kingdoms

Mankind builds nations according to their races, languages, and lands. Every nation on earth has its own boundaries. Therefore, man�䏭 kingdoms are earthly, not heavenly. The descendants of Noah divided themselves into nations. The nature of man�䏭 kingdoms is to separate, not to unite. After the appearance of man�䏭 kingdoms, the people thought of building the tower of Babel, whose top was in the heavens, in order to make a name for themselves (see Gen. 11: 1��9). They wanted to exalt themselves above God. Basically, man�䏭 kingdoms do not want God. They choose their own kings and rulers. However, God is the King of kings. He is the Ruler of all mankind. But the human kingdoms do not want God to be their King; they want to be kings themselves. Today, on such a small planet, man�䏭 kingdoms have multiplied to over 100 countries with over 100 rulers. And the nature of all these kingdoms is to reject God. They establish their own rule and deny God�䏭 sovereignty. Therefore, God doesn�脌 justify the existence of the kingdoms of men. The further they develop, the harder it is for mankind to achieve peace and harmony. The existence and activities of man�䏭 kingdoms are the most abnormal phenomenon in the universe. Unfortunately, men fail to see the true nature of man�䏭 kingdoms. They continue to live under the rule of the nations, thinking it is normal.

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