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The consecrated land, Mount Ararat, is in New Zealand. It is located within the national Centennial Park in the capital, Auckland. The Centennial Park is the only original forest reserve in Auckland. Within the boundaries of Mount Ararat, lush and green pastures cover the beautiful landscape. It is a piece of virgin land that has not been destroyed by modern men. In the vicinity, there are deep caves, sheer cliffs, waterfalls, lakes, streams, ancient trees, luxuriant forests, as well as beautiful beaches. The scenery is enchanting. One of the world�䏭 rare breeding grounds for blue penguins is also found here. Visitors are free to pick kelp, mussels, and clams at the beaches.

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Mount Ararat was called Green Haven Farm when it was inherited in April of 1997. In 1999, its name was officially changed to Mount Ararat. In the Old Testament, Noah�䏭 ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat after the waters receded. Ararat means �鄄igh land��, �𦨴acred land��, the land where curses are reversed and the land that returns to God�䏭 original creation. Therefore, Mount Aratat signifies that Noah�䏭 family (God�䏭 chosen people) has entered today�䏭 Ark�塇ew Testament Church. In this Ark, we shall be kept alive. We shall escape the great tribulation of the last days and enter the new heavens and new earth.

Once Mount Ararat was inherited, revival came to the islands in the South Pacific. The brothers and sisters in Tuvalu, the nearby island, were gathered and established by God. Mount Aratat is also the garden of the LORD that He has prepared for the children of Eden Homestead in New Zealand. The children are homeschooled with God-based education. They raise sheep and chickens and grow organic fruits and vegetables, to testify for a God-based life and poison-free enterprises.