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Bethel, a consecrated land in Sarikei, Sarawak, East Malaysia, is the first offshoot of Zion inherited by the New Testament Church (NTC). In 1979, Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong returned to Mount Zion and settled there, testifying that the faithful God had led him back to the chosen land just as He led Jacob back to Bethel (Refer Genesis chapters 28 and 35). In October of 1979, the saints of East Malaysia inherited this land in the spirit of �𠨑ollowing old Jacob back to Bethel�� and named the land �輶ethel��.

Between 1980 and 1985, the time Zion was plundered, the saints of Southeast Asia regarded Bethel as �𦡞 witness for Zion��. This land testified that Zion would never be destroyed. Therefore, all the buildings on this land such as the holy Temple, the Watch Tower, the Tent of Shem, and even the scripture placards are modeled after those on Zion. All kinds of organic fruit trees, such as durians, rambutans, star fruits, guavas, roselles, and passion fruits, were widely planted on the land. There are also chemical-free vegetables; reishi and other mushrooms; as well as antibiotic-free chickens, ducks, fish, etc. The land produces enough to supply the local churches and the public. After twenty years of hard works, Bethel has become an well-acclaimed tourist attraction in East Malaysia. Indeed, the God of Bethel is the God of Zion, and the God of Zion is the God of Bethel!