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Sapit Highland includes the church premises of Sapit, the Tent of Shem, and 144 Highland. God has given this consecrated land on the high mountains of Sarawak, East Malaysia to the New Testament Church.

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The brothers and sisters of Sapit are mostly indigenous and were revived by God in 1994. Under extreme difficulties, they laboriously carried the building materials, bit by bit, on their backs and shoulders up the mountain to build a premises that would accommodate one hundred people. Even though they live an impoverished life and have nothing in their houses but bare walls, they refuse to take advantage of the huge benefits the government offers them if they move down the mountains. They prefer nature over a civilized lifestyle down the mountain. In June of 1995, the Prophet of All Nations led representatives from around the world to dedicate the church premises to God together with them. In order to receive the brothers and sisters from down the mountain, they rushed out a building called �𦭛he Tent of Shem�� that could accommodate 50��60 people. At that time, the prophet was motivated to proclaim, �嚹he tribe of Sapit shall become a great tribe!�� True enough, after the establishment of the Eden Homestead in 1997, the tribe of Sapit became a great tribe! They follow the prophet by faith and receive a God-based education and live a God-based life. They learn organic and toxin-free farming. A brother was then moved to offer up a piece of land at the mountaintop. Wonderfully, that land is located right on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. The boundary landmark says �𤧶144��. �𤧶�� as in �𤧶ull��, and ��144�� is the number of the overcomers. Therefore, the place is now called 144 Highland, testifying that when the number of overcomers has come in and all the boundaries set up by man�䏭 kingdoms will be removed and crushed!