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The consecrated land of Mount Olive is the New Testament Church�䏭 (NTC) center of testimony in the United States of America. It is the western granary abounding with all kinds of fruits. In 1992, the Prophet of All Nations was commissioned to America and was moved by the Holy Spirit to prophesy: Spring will come to the West! True enough, in November of the same year, we inherited a piece of land between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This is the land of revival in the West.

This land is over 700 acres and includes rolling hills, streams, vast meadows, and a verdant forest. It has a Mediterranean climate, suitable for olives. In the spirit of waiting for the Lord�䏭 return, this land was named �𢜛ount Olive��. At a hilltop, the prophet chose a place beside a large almond tree to build the house of prayer and an altar. In due course, both were completed and dedicated. Mount Olive5

Mount Olive is unique. When we first inherited the land, it already had an estate road and a vast expanse of walnut, plum, and almond groves. In the spring, you will see a sea of flowers and smell the fragrance in the whole mountain. Mount Olive is truly a beautiful garden of the LORD. On Mount Olive, organic farming is carried out based on the model of Mount Zion. Every year there are bumper harvests of cherries, apples, persimmons, peaches, apricots, strawberries, and grapes besides vegetables and sprouts. Mount Olive is also well known for its large scale earthworm raising, EM cultivation, and poultry farming. Even people from academic circles come here for educational tours.