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The consecrated land of Mount Hermon is situated in the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa. In 2001, the Prophet of All Nations led the children of Eden Homestead to preach the gospel and establish the New Testament Church (NTC) in Africa. This consecrated land was inherited in 2002. This is NTC�䏭 center of revival in Africa and also the first granary that produces soy and wheat.

After inheriting this land, the prophet gave instructions to build a bridge, fix the roads, improve irrigation, and build houses and a temple. Following was imporving the soil with the use of earthworm casting and EM bacteria. The children of Eden Homestead also made all kinds of farm equipment and even installed several pivot irrigation systems on Mount Hermon. In a short span of two years, this erstwhile hard and stony land has been transformed into a fertile land of Eden. The expenses were great, so God moved brothers and sisters in all parts of the world to offer generously for this land. In 2003, the construction of the holy temple was completed. The Prophet of All Nations led saints from all over the world�𤴆he descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth�𤴆o offer up the temple. This testifies that God�䏭 powerful salvation has come to Africa. Hamite children also joined Eden Homestead. The accursed fate of the Hamites will end.

On Mount Hermon, crops such as soybean, wheat, oat, and lucerne are planted in rotation. The soybean and wheat are non-genetically modified and purely organic, something rare in today�䏭 world. Pure organic cultivation is the best way to produce high quality crops with great yields. Mount Hermon�䏭 soy and wheat not only supply the local needs, but are also shipped in containers to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and other places. This fulfills what Psalm 133:3 says, This is the dew of Hermon�浧od�䏭 commanded blessing falling on Mount Zion. Mount Hermon enjoys bumper harvests every year. In 2003, the prophet had two silos made and named them �䯀oseph�䏭 Granary��. They can hold 300 and 1,000 tonnes of grain respectively. This granary has become the supplier of a hundred percent organic grain to this generation. Mount Hermon farm raises cattle of an African champion breed. There are currently more than a hundred heads of cattle there. The large and plump Chinese cabbages, tomatoes, and potatoes grown in the vegetable garden amaze everyone who sees them! Peaches, plums, tangerines, strawberries, jujubes, goji berries, Penglai rice, and other crops are widely cultivated. Mount Hermon is full of vitality. The NTC is blessed with crops and livestock!