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Hebron is a consecrated land on a steep mountainous terrain near Ipoh in Perak, West Malaysia. When Zion was plundered and the people of Zion were scattered from their homes in the 1980s, a group of English-educated co-workers of the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade were deported back to Malaysia. In 1982, God gave them this consecrated land so that they could gather here to protect their lives. They supported Zion in the face of battle and bore witness that Zion would never be destroyed.

The name �𣿯ebron�� was given even before they found the land. This name comes from 2 Samuel chapters 2 and 5 in the Holy Bible. It testifies that God will anoint the vessel of the era as the king of Israel and that He will end his days of wandering. God has chosen this land to foster the strong spiritual lives of the mighty men of today�䏭 David. These mighty men will go into exile with today�䏭 David, help him against the band of raiders, and possess the kingdom. You might say that Hebron is a battlefield and a place where God manifests His sovereignty. With rugged but elegant terrains, this hilly consecrated land has a commanding view that is the envy of the local Edomite community, just like the Hebron in the Old Testament during King David�䏭 time.

In 1998, the Prophet of All Nations, today�䏭 David, built a majestic church premises and a living quarters around it at the top of the mountain. He led the warriors of the New Testament Church who are victorious in battle to the present-day city of David. This is the manifestation of the appearance of the kingdom of David!